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Difference Between Apple iPhone 4 and Blackberry Torch 9800

Apple iPhone 4 vs Blackberry Torch 9800

The Blackberry is a tried and tested product line for businesses but it has been losing ground to other smartphones. The Torch 9800 is an attempt to provide touch screen functionality, which is the technology in current demand, while still providing Blackberry features. Comparing it to the iPhone 4, there are certainly many differences between the two. A feature that is lacking on the iPhone 4 is the physical keyboard hidden in the rear half of the slider mechanism. It’s good to have an alternative when typing on the screen has become tiresome.

If you are fully comfortable with using the touchscreen, the iPhone 4 is better suited for you. Its screen measures 3.5 inches diagonal while that of the Torch is just 3.2 inches; giving more room for to work with. Watching photos and videos on the iPhone 4 screen is also better as its resolution of 960×640 creates a finer image quality than what the Torch can do. Memory is one aspect where the iPhone 4 has a leg up over much of the competition as it comes in 16 and 32 gigabyte versions. The downside to the iPhone is its lack of a microSD card slot. Although the Torch 9800 only has 4GB of internal memory, you can use memory cards of up to 32GB for even more room.

The still images taken by both phones should be within the ballpark of each other as they both have a 5 megapixel sensor and are equipped with LED flashes. The major difference between the two cameras lies in their ability to record video. The iPhone 4 can take 720p video while Torch 9800 can only manage VGA quality video. It may not look very different under a small screen, but when played on a TV or any larger display, the difference is very clear.

Lastly, casual users would truly appreciate the wide array of sensors on the iPhone 4; including the gyroscope, accelerometer, proximity, and ambient light sensors. The most notable are the first two since they are integrated as controls in games for a more interactive experience. The Torch 9800 only has a proximity sensor to turn off the screen whenever you hold the phone close to your face.


1. The iPhone 4 does not have a physical keyboard while the Torch 9800 does
2. The iPhone 4 screen is bigger and better than the Torch 9800 screen
3. The iPhone 4 has more memory but the Torch 9800 is expandable
4. The iPhone 4 camera is better than that of the Torch 9800
5. The iPhone 4 has more sensors than the Torch 9800

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