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Difference Between Samsung Wave II and Apple iPhone 4

Samsung Wave II vs Apple iPhone 4

Nowadays, there are a few operating systems that we’ve come to expect when talking about smartphones. There’s Android, iOS, Windows 7 phone, and that’s pretty much it. The Samsung Wave II does not use any of these operating systems, though, and that is its biggest difference from the iPhone 4. The Wave II uses Samsung’s own Bada operating system. Although the operating system itself works quite nicely, it does not enjoy the same number of available apps as the iPhone’s iOS. So you might have more trouble finding a right app on the Wave II than on the iPhone 4.

On the outside, the Wave II has a slightly larger screen that has a lower resolution than the retina display of the iPhone. The Wave II doesn’t have an ambient light sensor, though so the screen brightness does not automatically adjust when you move to bright or dark areas. The iPhone 4 is also the winner when it comes to memory as the 2GB memory of the Wave II does not even compare to the 16/32GB storage capacities of the iPhone 4. Instead, the Wave II relies on the memory card slot which can accommodate microSD cards of up to 32GB.

A major advantage of the Wave II over the iPhone 4 is the presence of Flash support in its browser. Some sites rely on Flash, and they may not render it correctly, if at all, on the iPhone 4; however, the Wave II would not have any problem with it. Also, the iPhone 4 does not have an FM receiver while the Wave II does. An FM receiver is the only wayto go if you like listening to local programming in your area. There are radio apps for the iPhone 4, though, but these rely on an Internet connection to function.

The Wave II is an excellent phone that would probably hold its own against most smartphones including the iPhone 4. The only problem is the lack of apps that stems from using an operating system that is not very popular.


1. The iPhone 4 runs on iOS while the Wave II runs on Bada.
2. The Wave II has a slightly bigger screen than the iPhone 4.
3. The iPhone 4 has an ambient light sensor while the Wave II doesn’t.
4. The iPhone 4 has considerably more memory than the Wave II but has no memory card slot.
5. The Wave II has in-browser Flash support while the iPhone 4 doesn’t.
6. The Wave II has an FM radio receiver while the iPhone 4 does not.

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