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Difference Between Apple iPad 2 and Dell Streak 7

Apple iPad 2 vs Dell Streak 7

Tablets have become the new craze, and it’s a must-have for all techies and fashionistas. The clear market leader in tablets is the iPad 2, but there is no shortage of challengers including the Streak 7 from Dell. The main difference between the iPad 2 and the Streak 7 is their size. The iPad 2 is significantly bigger, sporting a 9.7-inch screen compared to the 7-inch screen of the Streak 7. Since the screen dictates the overall size of the device, the Streak 7 is also smaller and a lot more portable than the iPad 2.

Aside from the size, there is also a major difference when it comes to the operating system. The iPad 2 obviously runs on the iOS operating system while the Streak 7 uses Android which seems to be the OS of choice for smartphone and tablet makers who are challenging Apple’s dominance. The only difference between the two operating systems that most people would notice is the interface which is a matter of personal preference.

When it comes to the hardware, there are a couple of major differences. The first and most important is the very underwhelming cameras on the iPad 2. While the Streak 7 has a 5 megapixel camera in the back like most smartphones do, the iPad 2 has a very small 0.7 megapixel camera. The iPad 2 camera is just enough to shoot 720p videos, which the Streak 7 is also capable of doing, but is very lacking when it comes to shooting stills. The secondary camera of the iPad 2 also has a lower resolution, but it is of much lesser importance than the primary camera.

The second difference in hardware is with the memory. The iPad 2 comes in different versions with 16, 32, and 64GB of internal memory. You should choose wisely, though, as you cannot upgrade the memory of the iPad 2. On the other hand, the Streak 7 has a minimal 16GB of internal memory, but the memory card slot allows the use of a memory card with a maximum memory capacity of 32GB.


The iPad 2 is much bigger than the Streak 7.
The iPad 2 runs on iOS while the Streak 7 runs on Android.
The Streak 7 has dual-core processors while the iPad 2 doesn’t.
The Streak 7 has better cameras than the iPad 2.
The Streak 7 has less memory than the iPad 2 but is equipped with a memory card slot.

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