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Difference Between Apple iPhone 4G and Dell Streak

Apple iPhone 4G vs Dell Streak

The Apple iPhone 4 and the Dell Streak are smartphones but the Streak is more of a hybrid between a tablet and a smartphone. The biggest difference between the two is the operating system that they use. The iPhone 4 uses the iOS, which also runs on some iPods and the iPad while the Dell Streak uses the newest OS for smartphones; Google’s Android. Although they have basically the same features, each is implemented differently and the applications that you can download and install on each would not be compatible with the other.

As the Streak is a tablet/smartphone hybrid it is understandably much bigger compared to the iPhone 4. It may fit into some big pockets but it is not a very comfortable fit. Much of the bulk of the Streak is taken up by its multi-touch screen. It is 5 inches in diagonal compared to the 3.5 inches iPhone 4 screen. Despite the much bigger screen of the Streak, it is still the iPhone that has the higher resolution at 960×640 to the Streak’s 800×480.

When it comes to memory, Apple chose to go with a fixed internal memory of either 16GB or 32GB, depending on the model. It’s convenient since you would not need to buy memory cards but you do not have the option to increase its memory capacity when you want to. On the other hand, the Streak is equipped with very minimal internal memory but the microSD card allows the user to use up to 32GB cards. The ability to switch memory cards make it virtually unlimited.

The battery of the iPhone 4 is inaccessible and you do not have the ability to have spare batteries or to replace it yourself if its capacity gets too low or when it gets damaged. Dell opted to go with the more traditional battery that is accessible and replaceable by the user. You can buy a replacement battery and install it yourself and you would not need to send it back to be serviced.

1. The iPhone 4 uses the iOS while the Streak uses Google’s Android
2. The iPhone 4 is much smaller than the Streak’s
3. The iPhone 4 screen is much smaller than the Streak’s
4. The iPhone 4 does not have an SD slot while the Streak does
5. The iPhone 4 battery is internal while the Streak’s is user replaceable

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  1. Hello, Mugen Power just released the 4800mAH Extended Battery for for Dell Streak,

    it should be last triple time with 1 charge than the stock battery!



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