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Difference Between iPad 2 WiFi and Nook Color

iPad 2 WiFi vs Nook Color

The Nook is a well-known eBook reader from Barnes and Noble. But with the Nook Color, B&N decided to go a different route and dumped the e-ink screen in favor of a full color LCD screen. This puts the Nook Color into the tablet device category and into direct competition with Apple’s iPad 2. The main difference between them is their intended use. While the iPad 2 is geared as a multimedia device, the Nook Color is being offered as an eBook reader that does a bit more.

One major hardware difference between the Nook Color and iPad 2 WiFi, it’s equivalent since the Nook Color lacks 3G, is size. The iPad 2 is significantly bigger and offers a larger 9.7 inch screen compared to the 7 inch screen of the Nook.

With the operating system, B&N decided to use Android, which is already a strict competitor of iOS. One major advantage of using Android is the presence of Flash, giving users the ability to browse the many flash enhanced websites that Apple products like the iPad 2 have trouble browsing. Although the Nook Color uses Android, it is actually restricted in terms of what apps you can run. This puts the Nook Color at a disadvantage despite Android being virtually equal to iOs with respect to number of apps.

Even if the Nook Color can run all the Android apps, by means of rooting, it would still not be able to take full advantage of them all. The primary reason is its lack of processing power. While the iPad 2 is equipped with dual-core processors clocked at 1Ghz, the Nook Color has a single core 800Mhz processor.

Imaging apps are also virtually useless on the Nook Color as it does not have any camera. The iPad 2 has rear and front facing cameras, which can be used to capture photos, video calling, and even record HD quality video clips.


1.The Nook Color is focused on reading while the iPad 2 is multimedia device
2.The Nook Color is smaller than the iPad 2
3.The Nook Color runs Android while the iPad2 runs on iOS
4.The iPad 2 has a lot more apps than the Nook Color
5.The iPad 2 is a lot more powerful than the Nook Color
6.The iPad 2 has cameras while the Nook Color doesn’t

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