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Chromatin vs Chromosomes

All human beings are made up of cells. Every one of us is basically broken down into these microscopic, living things that are each have a role to play in our body. Each organ that we have, even our bones, is made up of cells that have different forms and functions. But even with this knowledge, there are still a lot of people who ask these questions, what makes each cell so special? And what do these cells have?

In answer to the first question, cells are special because they are basically the ones that make up our own body. No part is less important and each part has a role to play to make sure that we remain healthy and function normally. This is why doctors take samples of our cells to determine whether abnormalities occur, which if not properly intervened, could develop into serious complications.

Now for the second question, our cells have different simple parts that allow it to live and to growth. These parts have basic functions that contribute to the overall welfare of your body. But amongst other things, the cell also has an area wherein our genetic make-up lies. Inside the cell’s nucleus are chromosomes, which contain our DNA. To make matters short, our DNA is considered as our genetic code, which has all the attributes that make us who we are, as human beings. Furthermore, our DNA differs from that with other species, since it has the ‘blueprints’ of how our cells work and function.

Going back, you may have read something about chromosomes and chromatin. You may have thought that these terms have something to do with cells. Basically you are right. It is true that both of these terms are found in cells, but they are actually different. Here is the reason why.

Chromosomes, which are found in the nucleus of cells, are made up of DNA and proteins. These DNA are structured and organized in such a way that they contain the instructions, genetic code, and blueprints for how a cell should be formed and how it will work. Chromosomes are important because an absence or abnormality in structure could mean cell damage, or even, induce cell death.

On the other hand, chromatins are the substances that make up the chromosome. In other works, the strands of DNA are considered as chromatins, and when they combine, they form chromosomes. Furthermore, a chromatin is involved in DNA packaging, strengthening for division, and even contains genetic information on how cells should function.

If you want to know more, you can read further since this article contains basic information only.


1. Cells are the basic compounds that make up our own organs, though each cell has a distinct and specific function in the body.

2. Chromosomes are found inside the cell, they contain DNA that has the genetic codes that define the functions of each cell.

3. Chromatins are the DNA strands that form the chromosomes.

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