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Difference Between MRNA and TRNA


There has been a lot of talk about gene research and how important it is to know about genetic information. Our genes are basically the ones that carry our own identity and contain the instructions for the work of every cell in our body. Furthermore, the genetic information stored in the nucleus of our cells contains the traits that are passed down from our biological parents and also the distinct characteristics that make us who we are.

Thus, it is also important that we know how the genetic information is carried or handled inside our cells. Having the knowledge about these things could help us become more aware of what is happening in our body in the microscopic or even, genetic levels.

First, we should know some terms relevant to the topic. The first would be DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid. I believe that most of us are already aware what DNA is. Our DNA contains our hereditary or genetic instructions for our cells to function normally for replication and growth. Furthermore, our DNA is involved in our overall identity as a human being. This is a similar form to RNA (ribonucleic acid).

RNA is a group of molecules that form together for various purposes involved in carrying, moving, and storing genetic information. What makes RNA distinct is that it has specified functions outside that of DNA. This means that RNA has biologically programmed characteristics not found in DNA. Furthermore, RNA can be broken down into different types depending on their major functions. Among these types, the two major ones are mRNA and tRNA, having their own differences.

First of all, is mRNA. It is basically a messenger RNA. Based on the word itself, the mRNA moves important information on genetic codes or ‘blueprints’ from the DNA to its target recipient, in this case a ribosome, which functions in protein production. The mRNA is made up of long nucleotide (important molecules) chains that form into a structured bond. And lastly, it looks like a long and spiral chain.

On the other hand, a tRNA has a different job. Its name comes from transfer RNA. The tRNA has a lesser amount of nucleotides than the mRNA and is tasked to transport amino acids into a growing protein chain. Basically, the tRNA is already present in the ribosome and attaches free amino acids into one growing structure. It is usually clover shaped.

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1. RNA, or ribonucleic acid, is a group of molecules that is tasked to carry, move, or store genetic information inside our cells.

2. Messenger RNA (mRNA) functions as a carrier for genetic information from the DNA to target recipients, like ribosome for protein synthesis and production.

3. Transfer RNA (tRNA) attaches and transports amino acids into growing chains to form proteins.

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