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Difference Between Amphetamine and Methylphenidate

Amphetamine vs Methylphenidate

Amphetamine is a drug that belongs to the family of phenethylamine that will induce a sense of wakefulness and alertness to the human body. The Methylphenidate, on the other hand, belongs to the class of compounds that is better known as piperidine. Both drugs act as a stimulant to the nervous system. The amphetamines act by increasing certain amounts of chemicals in the body that increase the heart rate and the blood pressure to control one’s actions.  The methylphenidate will work by increasing the levels of dopamine in the brains of children, which will create a feeling and emotion of pleasure. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is often said to be the cause why these drugs are taken.  However, if they are taken in excess that is more than above the usual prescription of the physician, it might lead to habitual intakes or perhaps addiction.

When it comes to being prescribed legally, the methylphenidate is the type of drugs that will eventually work on the creation of dopamine in the human system. This effect is considered as one of the vital reasons why doctors and physicians prescribed them more to ADHD patients.  The amphetamine, on the other hand, has this effect of increasing the cardiac output and the blood pressure that will make it a dangerous drug to take in cases when the patient has been diagnosed with hypertension.  There are certain studies, which have been conducted, wherein the amphetamine helps in the production of the dopamine in the body.  Regardless of this, the methylphenidate is still the more popular of the two when it comes to the prescription.

When it comes to marketing and street selling, the amphetamine drugs are better sold as they are known for increasing performance level when entertaining.  In fact, in some countries the drugs have been prohibited to be sold in the market without a prescription as they can become quite addictive as performance enhancers.  Methylphenidate is more widely accepted in the legal pharmaceutical trade.  When it comes to the intake of the drugs, it is essential that you have not taken any MAO Inhibitors before taking the methylphenidate. This is because it can lead to potential deadly risks that can endanger your life.  The same goes for the amphetamine.  However, one difference is that people with congenital heart diseases should take extra care when taking the methylphenidate as it can lead to sudden death.  These drugs work potentially well in the treatment of psychiatric diseases.  However, they should be properly prescribed by a licensed physician.

1. Amphetamine belongs to the phenythylamine group of compounds while the methylphenidate belongs to the group of compounds known as piperidine.
2. Methylphenidate is more prescribed for increasing dopamine while amphetamine is lesser prescribed as it increases heart rate and blood pressure more.
3. Amphetamine is more prone to street selling and is more addictive because of its action of being a performance enhancer unlike the methylphenidate which works mostly on ADHD conditions.

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  1. From my personal experience with both of these chemicals they are quite identical in effect. Its very hard to tell which one is which just by blindly taking them.

  2. This article lacks and fails to support the conclusions, as no statistics nor the sources of studies for the claims are provided. It is highly bias, as every single person suffering from ADHD is different to another and medications + treatment effectiveness is dependent on an individual basis. If publishing an article, perhaps consider providing supportive evidence rather than generalised information gathered via unreliable sources as it is highly misleading!

    • Thank you, this guys a tard

    • So adult ADHD is a chronic illness and the only treatment is amphetamines ? Therefore a person with ADHD can take them for as long as they want.
      Well that just dont make sense because its like saying you are unable to program your brain to learn new habbit and leave the old ones. Just like the way we update the software in our computers, I mean I am just trying to figure this out.

      • You realize that ADHD has a neurological basis right? It has been shown on brain scans that individuals suffering from ADHD consistently have significantly lower levels of dopamine transporters in numerous areas of the brain, notably the the prefrontal cortex, mesolimbic pathway, and striatum. These areas of the brain are related to executive functioning, attention, motivation, reward, and emotion control. Research also shows that it is indeed a lifelong disorder, and several people aren’t even diagnosed until adulthood (I’d cite but I’m pretty crossed rn and not feeling it brah, just hit up google scholar). ADHD isn’t an issue with having bad habits, therefore one can’t just “learn new habits” to overcome the disorder. Medication along with therapy are currently the only treatment options, as there is no cure for ADHD. Not trying to come at you, just trying to help reduce the stigma associated with ADHD, as it keeps individuals from seeking out treatment that need and deserve it.

      • My understanding is that ADHD is caused by a lack of accessibile dopamine to transmit messages within the brain, as the dopamine is recycled too efficiently before it can be used. If your chain of thought is correct then other chemical imbalances or shortages Are re programmable as they are “habits”. In regard to Amphetamines as per the article it is usually Methylphenidate that is prescribed. I do understand that some people have successfully used cognitive behavioural therapy to help with ADHD. I was diagnosed at 34 and after taking medication for one day felt as though I had had one arm tied behind my back my whole life. Instead of spending 60-70% of my energy trying to keep on task 10-20 on remembering where I was before I got side tracked, I could concentrate on the task at hand and how to get it done quicker. For me a life of meds is really daunting but not as daunting as a life of none.

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