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Difference Between Beyond Meat and Impossible

Burgers are nothing less than a luxury in the Western world. They are a staple in the United States for only god knows how long. People eat them almost every day, from cheap fast-food joints to expensive, gourmet editions. Vegetarian options have also existed for a long time. Two industry giants are working to create a vegetarian substitute that’s just as good as the real thing. The two names are Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. Both are incredible products that are taking a huge step forward to a plat-based future. We take a look at the duel between the two in this article.

What is Beyond Meat?

The Los Angeles-based Beyond Meat is one of the top leaders of the meatless meat market which has been around for quite some time now. Beyond Meat is a producer of plant-based meat substitutes spearheaded by the visionary Ethan Brown who’s also the CEO of the company. As the founder, Ethan have not only changed the game for plant-based protein but also taking us to a more sustainable and ethical healthy future. The company’s mission is to shift humans’ food habits from livestock to more sustainable options, which is where their products come into play. They use products that are processed, woven and combined with various flavorings to produce a variety of meat alternatives. Their products are sold in the meat section of almost every grocery store.

What is Impossible Foods?

Impossible Foods is yet another great producer of plant-based meat substitutes, including dairy and fish products. The company was started in 2011 by Patrick Brown, a scientist and entrepreneur with both an M.D. and Ph.D., with the sole aim of giving people the delicious taste of meat but without the negative health effects of consumption of livestock products. The company’s mission is to minimize humans’ dependency on livestock and shift their attention to more sustainable, healthy plant-based options. The company understood the basic science underlying what makes ground meat look, taste and feel the way it does when it is cooked , and then they used this knowledge to produce vegetarian alternatives to ground meat using plant-based ingredients.

Difference between Beyond Meat and Impossible


 – Both the companies share a lot in common and even their founders are vegan. They both wanted to offer people the best vegan burgers and they took the right approach to take people to a more sustainable future of plant-based eating. Beyond Meat is a Los Angeles-based company founded in 2009 by the visionary Ethan Brown, who remains the CEO of the company. Impossible Foods was started in 2011 by a scientist and entrepreneur Patrick Brown with the aim of producing a more sustainable food supply.


– The two companies took two different approaches to the same product. Both Impossible burgers and Beyond Meat burgers are made from plants and have similar ingredients. The main ingredients in Impossible burgers are water, soy protein concentrates, coconut and sunflower oil, and natural favors. The main ingredients in Beyond Meat burgers are pea protein, water, coconut oil, expeller-pressed canola oil and natural flavors. The Impossible burgers mainly contain organic ingredients whereas Beyond Meat burgers are free of GMOs, gluten and antibiotics.


 – One of the main differences between the two is the way heme is derived in both products. Heme is one essential molecule that makes meat taste like meat. Beyond Meat relied on peas, coconut oil, mung beans, and brown rice, and beet juice for the red color, and natural flavors to create the perfect patty. The scientists at Impossible Foods used a combination of genetically-engineered yeast and soybean to replicate the taste of iron or blood. For the burger’s chew, they used wheat, honeydew, melons and other ingredients to create a complete vegan patty.

Beyond Meat vs. Impossible Foods: Comparison Chart


Both Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are among the top contenders in the meatless meat market that produce vegetarian substitutes to ground meat using plant-based ingredients. They both aim to disrupt the current, unsustainable food system and minimize humans’ reliance on livestock and eliminating animal cruelty by taking us towards a more sustainable future of plant-based eating. Both their burgers are suitable replacements for beef and they both are best burger replacements out there when it comes to taste and texture. One of the main differences between the two is that Impossible Foods use heme in their products, while Beyond Meat does not use it.

Is Beyond Meat better than Impossible burger?

Both Beyond Meat and Impossible burgers are best burger replacements out there when it comes to taste and texture and mostly say a bite of either of these burgers will never leave anyone disappointed. 

What tastes better Impossible or Beyond?

They are the two biggest names that dominate the plant-based meat market and when it comes to taste, they are the best burger substitutes out there as they both mimic the texture of real beef.

Is Impossible burger is bad?

Both Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods produce vegetarian substitutes to ground meat using plant-based ingredients. The main difference between the two is the heme – an essential molecule that makes meat taste like meat. While Impossible Foods use heme, Beyond Meat doesn’t use it. But, neither of them is bad, when it comes to taste and texture.

What chemicals are in Beyond Meat?

Both the companies are the producer of plant-based meat substitutes that dominate the market. Both the companies have redefined the veggie patty burger. However, Impossible burgers are made of organic ingredients, while Beyond Meat does not use GMO ingredients, gluten and antibiotics.

Which is healthier Impossible Burger or Beyond Burger?

Both the companies rely on plant-based ingredients to produce meat substitutes that best emulate the texture and taste of real beef. Impossible burgers are considered to be rich in vitamins and minerals though. 

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