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Difference Between Soy and Whey Protein

Soy vs Whey Protein

The topic centering on the biologic importance of whey and soy protein is still, up to this day, very controversial and highly debatable. Some nutrition experts may say that soy protein has some added edge over whey, but other scientists think otherwise and claim that whey protein is a more potent type of protein for those who are planning to lose weight and gain mass (body building). Surprisingly, these claims are all true!

The most obvious disparity between the two is the source. Soy protein is a plant protein extracted from soybeans whereas whey protein is taken from cow’s milk. This is one of the reasons why vegetarians will not have any second thoughts over choosing soy over whey protein as they are intolerant to dairy products.

One of the most controversial subjects under soy protein is the presence of phytoestrogens. Soy protein has these substances which are said to contend with natural body building as estrogen is a known inhibitor for muscle growth. But as mentioned, some experts say that soy has some additional health benefits which include reducing blood cholesterol levels, certain cancers, and cardiovascular diseases. It also has a potentiating effect that hastens the nutritive value of the foods you eat. As a matter of fact, soy has more non-essential amino acids than whey specifically arginine and glutamine.

For soy enthusiasts, you can eat products like tofu, soy milk, cakes using soy flour, soy burgers, soy cheeses, and soy-enriched yogurt. Alternatively, soy powder can easily be used as an add-on to any dish like soups so that its health benefits can be used.

On the other hand, whey protein is more beneficial for those who are planning to lose weight or gain some muscle mass since it makes you feel full longer (after eating), helps build muscle faster, and helps shed body fat more effectively.

With careful scientific analyses, whey protein has these to boast against soy because of being higher in: biologic value, (104 vs. 74), net protein utilization (90 vs. 60), amino acid score (1.15 vs 1), essential amino acid count (480 per 1 gm. of protein vs. 378 per 1 gm. of protein) and protein digestibility (99% vs. 95%). Moreover, whey protein is broken down and used by the body at a much faster rate as opposed to soy (metabolized faster). Because of all these good things about whey protein, it is undoubtedly more costly than soy.


1.Soy protein is derived from a plant source while whey protein is from an animal source.
2.Soy protein or its milk is consumed by those who are lactose intolerant.
3.Whey protein is metabolized and used faster by the body compared to soy.
4.Whey protein has a higher content of essential amino acids while soy protein has a higher content of arginine and glutamine (non-essential amino acids).
5.Whey protein is more expensive than soy protein.

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