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Gyn vs. ob gyn

A woman’s reproductive system is very important, because it gives life. It should be treated with utmost respect. With it damaged chances to getting pregnant are very slim. The woman should have her reproductive system checked every once in a while. This must be done especially if a woman is pregnant. The GYN or otherwise known as the gynecologist is the one you should approach for your routine check up. If you are pregnant you must go to your OB/GYN or otherwise known as the obstetrician.

GYN these days are also practicing OB, which makes them OB/GYN. They can monitor if the female sexual organ is healthy and at the same time they can also check on how the pregnancy is going.

They seem to be interrelated, but what really is the difference of GYN and OB/GYN? To know this, it is important to delve deeper in the meanings of OB obstetrician and GYN gynecologist.

OB is focused more on monitoring pregnancies and they are also responsible in delivering the baby. GYN specializes on the health of a woman reproductive system. So if you combine them together, an OB/GYN therefore monitors not only the health of the female reproductive system, it also focuses on pregnancies at the same time. An OB/GYN can help keep the baby in the womb healthy while checking your ovaries and uterus. They can also find out if you have STD or sexually transmitted disease or if you are infertile.

The educational attainment of an OB is someone who has finished the trainings in management of pregnancy, labor, and puerperium (the period after the deliver of the infant). The GYN on the other hand is someone who has finished the studies of the female reproductive system; this includes the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the female organ. An OB/GYN does not focus on the female organ alone but also on the baby in a woman’s womb.

This means if one is an OB/GYN he or she has a broader range of knowledge about pregnancy and all the related facts acquainted to it. Some of the areas OB/GYN specializes on are acute and chronic medical conditions, adolescent gynecology, behavioral problems, and cancer. Other fields an OB/GYN specializes on are endocrinology, health maintenance during pregnancy, infertility, operative gynecology, pregnancy and delivery and of course urinary tract disorders.

GYN simply specializes on the female reproductive system, its health, diagnosis and treatments. Compared to the OB/GYN, the GYN can’t delve in to pregnancy matters. The GYN is only limited to the organ, while the OB/GYN can also check on pregnancies and delivering babies. The OB and the GYN are two different professions, but these days one can be an OB and a GYN at the same time, thus the term OB/GYN.



GYN is limited to the female reproductive system only while an OB/GYN can also delve in pregnancies and delivering babies.

OB/GYN can also specialize to a broader range unlike the GYN.

GYN educational attainment is more on the health, diagnosis and treatment for the female reproductive organ, while the OB/GYN finished both the OB and the GYN education.

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