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Difference Between Keto Diet and Diabetes Diet

In the keto diet very few carbohydrates are consumed and there is more of a focus on fats being eaten. In the diabetes diet the objective is to eat a balanced and nutrient-rich diet.


What is Keto Diet?


The keto diet is based on the idea that people should eat fewer proteins and carbohydrates and more fats so that the mechanism of ketogenesis is started. This process of ketogenesis begins when blood sugar drops to a low level such that fat catabolism is triggered and ketone bodies are made.

The diet:

This diet requires people to eat less of the proteins and carbohydrates than they may have done in the past. The amount of carbohydrates consumed in the keto diet is usually in the range of 30 to 50 g a day, and no more. Grains and sugars are eliminated because these are high carbohydrate substances. In addition, fruits and many starchy foods such as potatoes are often also removed from the diet. Instead, fats are increased in terms of how much is eaten compared with the carbohydrates and proteins.

Health benefits:

Some individuals with type 2 diabetes have had a lot of success in controlling their blood sugar with the keto diet, and this diet has proven of great help for some children who have epilepsy.


There are some risks to the keto diet, and although it helps to drop blood sugar that is too high it can cause sugar levels to drop dangerously low.  You also may dehydrate because of water loss and it can make you have headaches and feel tired. Other risks are a lack of minerals and vitamins and an excess intake of saturated fats; the excess fat may be linked to increased heart disease risks.


What is Diabetes diet?


The diabetes diet plan simply means eating healthy and balanced meals at regular mealtimes so as to help control the blood sugar levels.

The diet:

The diabetes diet in general focuses on eating nutritious foods; in particular, carbohydrates should include whole grains instead of simple sugars. In addition, the diet should include many vegetables and fruits. This eating plan is believed to be beneficial for just about everyone even people who do not have a diabetes diagnosis. The diet should also include fish and high fiber and should avoid junk food which tends to contain lots of fat and simple sugars which destabilize the blood sugar.

Health benefits:

There are clear benefits to eating a balanced diet and in particular, consuming lots of fruits and vegetables. Not only will you get important vitamins and minerals, but also healthy fiber, which is useful for digestion. Reducing fat intake and taking in fewer calories can result in weight loss which is often beneficial for people who have type 2 diabetes. Researchers have also found that the levels of bad cholesterol are reduced in people who adopt the diabetes diet.


The risks of a diabetes diet are minimal provided you consult with a dietician and doctor. This diet is balanced so there is no risk of a lack of nutrients or minerals.


Difference between Keto Diet and Diabetes Diet?


The keto diet is a diet in which fewer proteins and carbohydrates are eaten such that a state of ketogenesis is initiated. The diabetic diet is a diet which is balanced without a drastic change in the amount of carbohydrates that are eaten.

Metabolic changes

Ketogenesis is activated by the keto diet, but it is not affected or triggered by the diabetes diet.


The keto diet includes a lot of fat but very little amounts of carbohydrates and proteins. The diabetes diet is a balanced diet of nutrient-rich foods including whole-grain carbohydrates.

Health benefits

There are some benefits to the keto diet, and it has been shown to help people who have type 2 diabetes and it helps children with seizures. It can also lead to weight loss. The benefits of the diabetes diet are that it can help control blood sugar levels for people with diabetes and can help lower cholesterol levels.


There are risks associated with following the keto diet; it can result in hypoglycemia and may increase the chances of heart disease and cause mineral and vitamin deficiencies. There are no or very few risks associated with the diabetes diet since it is a balanced diet.

Table comparing Keto Diet and Diabetes Diet


Summary of Keto diet Vs. Diabetes Diet

  • The keto and diabetes diet can both be useful for people trying to control their blood sugar levels.
  • The keto diet triggers the state of ketogenesis leading to fat being broken down in the body.
  • The diabetes diet is balanced and can also help to lower cholesterol levels in people who have high cholesterol.

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