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Differences Between Buzzed And Tipsy

It is apparent that alcohol’s business sector is booming. As a matter of fact, research shows that alcohol is a business that is earning approximately 30 billion dollars each year. Most of the companies spend at least 900 million dollars in marketing alcoholic beverages, while hiding the truth of additives and  unhealthiness.

It cannot be denied that moderate drinking of alcohol may have slight benefit to your health, but consuming it regularly or too much can put your physical and mental health at risk.  In worst care scenario, it can cause death mostly for men and women between the ages of 15 and 24. Not only this age group becomes more violent and abuse when they have too much to drink but also people die from alcohol-related incident such as drinking and driving.  For example, not only drunk drivers are killed in car crashes, but also other innocent motorists or pedestrians. Most of the alcoholic  beverages can increase the probability of  heart and liver diseases.

Being tipsy is different from being buzzed.

Here are the definitions of Buzzed and Tipsy 

Buzzed – This is the first phase of drinking in absorbing alcohol to your body system. This is the feeling you begin to get when you know that you are not quite sober anymore. Ethanol is the ingredient in alcohol that makes it addictive. Therefore, it can be difficult to stop drinking . When you drink too much, you will enter phase 2, which is called being tipsy.

Tipsy – When your face is red and you feel warm, relaxed and more confident, then you may be tipsy. It is called as such because they say people who are tipsy have managed to not ‘tip over’ yet. When they do, then they become fully drunk.

Those are the differences between being buzzed and being tipsy. Remember that the final stage is being drunk, when you can no longer control yourself. You may become excessively emotional and can no longer walk or drive safely.

These are important facts about alcohol and what it can do to you. Alcoholism can lead to absenteeism, increase medical expenses due to poor health sand property damages. People should learn to control their drinking habit when it starts to cause problem in their lives. 

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