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Difference Between Beer and Liquor

Beer vs. Liquor

There is a plethora of differences between each type of alcoholic beverage: Beer, wines, liquors and many others. For one, there can be a difference in calorie value, and secondly, it can be with their alcohol strengths. But regardless of these differences, alcoholic drinks remain more or less the same ‘“ they make you tipsy to some degree, if not much then a little, as in the case of beer and liquor.

To start with, liquors are alcoholic drinks that have ethanol. These beverages are harnessed through the process of distillation, unlike beers, which are not distilled.

For diet enthusiasts, it is important to know the calorie value of every drink consumed. Perhaps the most common alcoholic beverage around the world is beer. It has a calorie range that starts from 95-210 calories. But this is only for the regular sized, 12 oz bottled drinks. You can determine that a particular beer contains more calories by simply looking at its color. Darker and fuller beers usually have more calories compared to the lighter colored ones. That’s why they are named ‘light’ anyway!

In the case of liquor, the calorie count just gets higher. Like whiskeys, you can just imagine that most 1.5 oz rum shots can already pack you with about 125 calories. In this connection, its useful to know that most liquors are prepared by mixing them with other drinks, either with alcohol or with no alcohol, and therefore their total calorie count may be as good as doubled in some instances. On top of which, as much as what the liver can normally handle, it readily converts alcohol into acetate, which in turn is first used by the body for energy. The problem occurs when you take in too much alcohol, and your body cannot convert them to energy anymore; hence, they are immediately stored as fat.

Liquors not only top beers in terms of calories, but also in alcohol content. This is best seen with the following popular hard liquor combo preparations. Scotch on the rocks is said to be more or less the same as drinking 1.5 beer bottles. Drinking two beers is equal to consuming a Piña Colada. Moreover, one Long Island Iced Tea can match the total alcohol of 5-6 beer bottles.

Overall, regardless of what type of alcoholic drink you consume, you must be responsible for your own actions.

1. Liquors are distilled alcoholic drinks, while beers are fermented alcoholic drinks.
2. Generally, liquors contain more calories as opposed to standard beers.
3. Generally, liquors contain more alcohol as opposed to regular beers.

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