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Tipsy vs Drunk

While consuming alcohol, people pass through many stages. The earliest of all feelings is that of happiness. People feel happy, the mood elevates, the inhibitions subside, and the ambience around them becomes pleasant and warm, and finally they become euphoric. They get to a stage when they can do what they cannot normally do without the alcohol content in them. The stage after alcohol consumption when everything seems perfect and positive and the whole body relaxes is called a tipsy stage.

There is no official definition of “tipsy” or “drunk,” but usually people remember everything they did or are doing during a tipsy stage. The alcohol starts acting, and the senses of a person get relaxed. The effects of alcohol differ from person to person. It depends on a person’s own tolerance towards alcohol, body weight, the whole physiology of a person. This is the reason why some people can drink “like fish” while some lose it after one or two drinks. People getting high is the stage when you are tipsy, the light “buzz” hits your head. Usually people still have control over their speech, their actions, and their body balance. Most people are aware of their control over themselves and try to keep it that way. If you keep drinking water along with your drinks, the brain doesn’t get too dehydrated. Thus you can manage a little bit longer before getting drunk. If you stop at the right time, you can prevent being drunk and all the embarrassment that accompanies the act.

Being drunk is an altogether different thing. A lot of unpleasantness goes hand in hand with being drunk. You don’t remember anything you do or are doing. People pass out, and it’s like a blackout in their brain. The physiological effects of alcohol take over, and the alcohol level in the blood increases so much that the body has to get rid of all the toxins, thus the puking and throwing up. It’s the way the body copes with the poison in the system. The person loses all control of their speech, their actions and their muscles. They can’t walk straight, they can’t talk, they cannot see normally, some get angry, some get sad, some get absolutely stupid without their own knowledge.
Drunken people have no control over their body or brain thus they may prove harmful to their own well-being and to society.

Nobody should ever drink and drive. Whether you are tipsy or drunk, the general reaction time and judgment is impaired. A split-second of misjudgment can prove fatal.


1.A tipsy person remembers everything the next day and does not experience a hangover; a drunken person forgets everything the next day and has a severe hangover.
2.Tipsy people have control over their speech and actions; drunks have no control over their speech or actions.
3.Tipsy people’s bodies do not start working to remove toxins from the body. A drunk person’s body reacts and removes the toxins through vomiting.

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  3. Okay so in the summary i was just tipsy but I was vomiting sooo??

    • Tipsy and drunk don’t have a clear-cut line between them, so you may experience nausea, vomiting even if you can control your speech and actions.

  4. Intoxication begins with the first drink, as alcohol is immediately absorbed in the stomach. A range of tipsiness is legitimately enjoyed before drunkenness, but a low level can get you a DWI well before you feel drunk. Don’t be stupid by thinking you’re not intoxicated after drinking a moderate amount of alcohol.

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