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Anxiety vs. ADHD

Anxiety and ADHD may seem as though they have nothing in common. Anxiety is typically related to someone who is constantly worried no matter the reason, and ADHD is a distraction and hyperactive disorder. The two only meet when someone suffers from both disorders. One fourth of the children who suffer from ADHD are also anxiety sufferers, and that makes for an unhealthy child. So while there are many differences between the disorders, there is one tie between the two, and that is in the people who suffer from both anxiety and ADHD.

Anxiety is defined as the persistent fear or worry one can have about their daily life. Anxiety can stem from any number of things in a person’s life: job, finances, relationships, health. People with the disorder often have trouble concentrating, functioning, and are more prone to panic attacks than non-anxiety sufferers. In children anxiety can lead to fear, exaggerated worry, insomnia, and even problems functioning. These children also can get physical symptoms of the disorder like headaches, nausea, sweating, and stomach aches. Medications are available to treat different forms of anxiety and therapy is also considered an option for those who feel their cases are not as severe.

ADHD is the acronym for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, which is a neurological disorder affecting the long term attention of the sufferers and adversely classified by their increased need for movement and activity. Both adults and children can suffer from the disorder, however it is commonly onset during childhood in school age years. Children who suffer from ADHD will have difficulty focusing, will daydream often, be easily distracted, and have trouble following directions. Physically sufferers will be constantly in motion, have trouble with silence, will squirm in their chairs and move quickly when completing any task. There is no set reason as to why certain children develop ADHD, however there are medications which are meant to calm and counteract the hyperactivity.

Sometimes there are cases where a child may be misdiagnosed as having ADHD and in actuality they may have anxiety. For that reason there are various tests a child will undergo by a medical physician in order to determine the source of the problem. A child who is left untreated from either anxiety or ADHD will not fully be able to give anything their all and won’t be as happy as he or she should be as a child.

1. ADHD is attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, where the patient is unable to concentrate but demonstrates unending physical movements. Anxiety is the persistent and constant worry a person has, affecting their ability to focus on anything else.
2. One fourth of children with ADHD will experience some form of anxiety issues as well. For children either can be difficult to diagnose.
3. Anxiety sufferers , in addition to extreme worry, have physical symptoms such as headaches. ADHD sufferers are easily distracted and physically cannot stop moving.
4. There are prescriptions which are intended to help those who are suffering from both.

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