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Rogaine vs Minoxidil

It is said that our hair is our crowning glory. One of the worst nightmares a man could get is having a receding hair line and eventually losing all his hair. It is called male pattern baldness or alopecia in medical terms.

So what is the cause of hair loss? Heredity and genetics can explain this phenomenon. If your father is bald and has ANDROGENETIC ALOPECIA (AGA), a gene responsible for alopecia, and you inherited that gene, then you might as well get bald as you age. In alopecia, the hair follicles shrink.

One of the best inventions and discoveries of the 21st century are drugs capable of restoring the lost crowning glory. May I introduce Rogaine and Minoxidil. To begin with, Minoxidil is a specific brand of drug. It has different trade names, such as, Rogaine, Avacor, Lontin, Minitop and many more, but there are no major differences.

Minoxidil was first used to treat hypertension. Then people who were drinking it discovered that it has a hair-growing effect. Now, Minoxidil and Rogaine have their own line of topical solutions for hair regrowth. Both products promise great results in a few months of everyday usage.

However, currently at Minoxidil’s website (www.minoxidil.com), the company maker announced that their products are currently on hold by the U.S. FDA because their products are said to have unapproved illegal drugs. Production is now on hold. However, Rogaine’s website (www.rogaine.com) still caters to their consumers. Their products are approved for hair restoration.

Minoxidil works by slowing the process of balding and increasing hair growth. It does not treat one’s baldness. It is applied twice a day for four months up to a year. Rogaine also has promised the same as Minoxidil. However, with its advancements, it would only take four months to regrow the hair by up to 85% by applying it twice a day. Rogaine works by giving strength and thickness to the hair follicles thus when it grows the hair also thickens and strengthens.



Minoxidil and Rogaine are companies that make hair regrowth products.

Minoxidil is currently on ban by the US FDA while Rogaine products are still on the market and are approved by the US FDA.

Minoxidil promised to restore hair between four months up to one year while Rogaine promised to restore hair in only four months.

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