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Dogs and cats are domestic animals belonging to different species. The cat belongs to the feline family, and a dog to the canine family.

One can come across many differences between a dog and a cat, including its physical features, nature and character. Well, one difference that can be noticed between a dog and a cat, is that the former are pack animals, and the other is more of a loner. As a pack animal, the dog loves company, and will never feel bored if one spends lot of time with it. On the other hand, cats love to spend a lot of time alone.

When talking about the sound that they produce, the dogs bark, growl and woof. On the other hand, cats just meow or purr.

Another difference that can be seen, is that dogs need a lot of space, and they love to run around. On the contrary, cats are very happy in small spaces.

Dogs need to be cared for, whereas cats are independent animals.

When looking at the nature of dogs and cats, the former loves to please you, but the latter always love to please themselves. Well, dogs are more affectionate when compared to cats. Dogs will wag their tail, and even their whole body, to show affection. A cat will only show affection by allowing you to scratch it behind the ears.

Unlike dogs, cats are lap animals. A cat will tolerate being smooched, but, on the other hand, you will be smooched by the dog!

Another difference that can be seen, is that dogs are happy to see you when it is awaken from sleep, but a cat will just pretend to be sleeping, even if you try to wake it.

Well, dogs are your friends during the night. They scare away intruders, whereas cats will just run for cover.


1. A dog is a pack animal, and the cat is a loner.

2. Dogs bark, growl and woof. Cats just meow or purr.

3. Dogs need to be cared for, whereas cats are independent animals.

4. Dogs are more affectionate when compared to cats.

5. A dog scares away intruders, whereas a cat will just run for cover.

6. Dogs need a lot of space and they love to run about. On the contrary, cats are very happy in small spaces.

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  1. It’s very disturbing to think that are some human beings who do not know the difference between a dog and a cat, but when one is not exposed to either of them, or both, it is possible to imagine that one may not appreciate those differences.

    Hence, the need for clarity and the listing of attributes and characteristics.


  2. Can’t say this was hugely helpful…

    Obviously I can tell the difference between a dog and a cat just by looking at it…but it’s surprisingly difficult to tell why. I am a science teacher and was with my 11 year olds when I asked them to write down what the differences between a dog and a cat was based upon a selection of breeds I put up.

    Things like socialable natures of dogs and solitary ones of cats came up…others mentioned pointy ears (but some dogs do, so it’s not defining). Things like retractable claws of cats are not obvious.

    We came up with some features like an arched back in cats compared to a straight one in the dog, lengthened muzzel of a dog (though compare a pug/bulldog to a siamese cat and again, there are acceptions so not defining).

    Still not entirely sure what some absolute defining characteristics are of dogs and cats that are completely obvious upon distant inspection.

    I’m thinking it must be a series of small features that we unconciously analyse instantly, such as position of eyes, shape of the tail, the ears, position of the nose etc.

  3. You forgot to tell that cats will often change their minds after they asked to be petted and scratch or bite, while dogs will either tolerate the whole petting session, or walk away in case of being tired of it.

  4. im more of a cat person. I prefer cats.

  5. Number 4 is not true
    my cat runs at cats in our yard and that’s the lazy one the hyper one runs away

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  7. thanks for all your help.

  8. Character wise, cats and dogs are very different. Dogs are very affectionate towards you and will lick you. Cats are more independent but depending on the breed can show more affection than others. Dogs need taken care and require more attention. Cats take care of themselves and clean themselves. While dogs and cats both are fed, cats technically don’t need fed because they are great hunters, but usually don’t eat their prey. Dogs need attention and will make it happen, either by barking or licking you. Cats will give you attention, but usually dont cause a racket and could care less about whats going on around them.

  9. I am in grade six I’m doing compare and contrast so this helped a lot thanks

  10. i want be known about defference between dog and cat.

  11. My cat is very affectionate and LOVES spending time with me, sometimes it’s annoying. When I wake up he is either under me purring or comes to me to purr. I prefer dogs but got a cat because they’re independent and I’m gone a lot. However when I leave overnight for more than a day and I come home my cats meows for hours as if he is checking me for being gone!!! He is such a character!!

  12. Cats are more prone for liver disorders than dogs and are more sensitive to drugs in general than dogs

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