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Difference Between Oceanfront and Ocean View

Oceanfront vs Ocean View

Ever had the chance to travel and vacation in a resort located near an ocean? The thing that will draw people to such places is the chance to see or view the ocean and be able to go to the beach and have an enjoyable and relaxing experience while staying there.
Hotels and resorts located along the ocean usually offer oceanfront and ocean view rooms to their patrons. Although they may sound the same, these two are different from each other.
An oceanfront room or rental property is one that is facing the ocean. It offers the best view of the ocean from the room. It presents a clear and unobstructed view of the sea and lets the occupant enjoy his stay. It is more expensive, but the price is well worth the experience of relaxing while gazing out to sea.

An ocean view room or rental property, on the other hand, is one wherein the ocean may be visible but there are many obstructions to the view. It is a term used by most establishments as a marketing strategy.
It may not be as expensive as an oceanfront room, but if you are lucky, you might find yourself in a room with an unhindered view of the ocean. To get the best of their offer, it is important to talk with the reservations manager of the resort and inquire about their rooms.

Rooms located on the second and third floor offer better views of the ocean than those that are located on the first floor. Once you have arrived at your room and you are not satisfied with the view, you can always ask to be transferred to another room, preferably one with a better view.
Oceanfront rooms offer a better view of the ocean than ocean view rooms. It is still better to ask about what the resort can offer before committing because these terms can be misleading. While the room may be fronting the ocean, you might not have a direct passage towards the beach.
If you are inquiring online about these rooms, choose those that have pictures showing the room’s features not just on the inside but also its surroundings. Don’t hesitate to ask before you decide to rent one.


1.“Oceanfront” means that the room or rental property is fronting the ocean while “ocean view” means that the room or rental property has a view of the ocean whether a clear one or not.
2.Oceanfront rooms are usually more expensive while ocean view rooms are less expensive.
3.Oceanfront rooms offer a better view of the ocean than ocean view rooms.
4.Both “oceanfront” and “ocean view” are terms used to market the establishment and, while they may be true to their words, sometimes the rooms might just show a limited view of the ocean.
5.Oceanfront and ocean view do not necessarily mean that you have direct access to the sea or the beach; only that you can see the ocean from your room.

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