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Difference Between Family Room and Living Room

Family room vs. living room

There have been so many questions as to when can you call a place in your house a living room or a family room. Sometimes people tend to use these rooms in the wrong manner or interchangeably. They may sound the same but they have so many differences. You can tell the differences between the two through how people use them; how the rooms are decorated and where they are located in the house. The function of the room is the most important determinant on which or what room it is for. Naming it has less significance as to whether it is a family room or a living room.

The main differences in how it is used is that the family room is where the people who live in the house get together, have fun and relax, while the living room is where more formal gathering happens. The living room is also where the parents give their children lessons and values in life. However, in the contemporary family setting, they don’t abide by the books anymore. Modern families tend to use the family room and the living room interchangeably.

This means the family room is where you and your family can relax. This place is where the parents read the news paper, drink coffee, play board games, and where the children can read their books. The family room is where the entire family can have fun inside the house.

On the other hand, the living room is where more formal gatherings take place; this is where special guests converge with the entire family. For example, during Christmas, this is where the family gathers, together with the guests, and stays and does their activities. Living rooms are made to receive other people. It is where you can serve tea to your guests and discuss public matters.

When it comes to design and furnishing, the family room has more relaxing features. The family room has recliners, couches, entertainment sets and other furniture that are made for comfort. This place is also where the family portrait is placed.

The living room is concerned more on style rather than function. It is where you can find sofas and more formal chairs like wing back chairs. This is also where the family heirlooms are found.

When it comes to location, it is easy to see where the family and the living room are. The family room is placed at the back portion of the house. It is created this way so that there will be easy access to the kitchen, backyard and of course the bedrooms.

The living room on the other hand is like the first impression of the house welcoming the guest. It is located in the front portion of the house, just as you open the door. This place also has instant access to a formal dining table for more formal discussions.



The family room is where the family relax and have fu, while the living room is for more formal; purposes.

The family room has more relaxing furniture and entertainment facilities, while the living room values style over function.

The family room is located at the back portion of the house while the living room is located at the front.

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