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Thunder vs Lightning

The Earth experiences several types of weather. Some can cause only mild discomfort and trouble while others can cause a lot of destruction and loss. The weather can sometimes be hot, dry, clear, and calm while at other times it can be cold, wet, cloudy, and stormy.

Storms are very common. They happen when there is a disturbance in the Earth’s atmosphere. This disturbance can be mild and appear in a small, low pressure area as a small cyclone but can turn into a huge storm with severe weather conditions. It is characterized by strong winds such as in hurricanes and windstorms, heavy rain or snow such as in snowstorms and rainstorms, blizzard, hail, sandstorms, and thunderstorms which are marked by the occurrence of thunder and lightning.

A thunderstorm occurs when there is a raid upward movement of warm, moist air. As it moves upward, it loses heat and cools then compresses and form cumulonimbus clouds where air currents form water droplets and ice particles which collide with each other and build up static energy which causes thunder and lighting.

Lightning is that sudden flash of electricity in the sky which can either be straight or forked. It is very hot, reaching a temperature of up to 54,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It can travel at a speed of up to 140,000 miles per hour.

Lightning strikes tall objects because it always takes the fastest way to the ground. If it is forked, the leader bolt goes down towards the ground then a return stroke snaps back up on the path created by the leader bolt.

When air around the electric bolt expands, it produces sound energy which is called thunder. While thunder and lightning usually occur at the same time, light travels faster than sound so lightning is seen before thunder can be heard.

Thunder is the rumbling sound that is heard during thunderstorms. It is caused by the fast expansion of gases in the electrical charge of lightning in a thunderstorm. The sound of thunder can range from a low rumble to a crack, a clap, or a peal.

The word “thunder” comes from the Old English word “thunor” and the Proto-Germanic “thunraz” which means “to resound.” The word “lightning” comes from the Old English word “lihting” or “lightnen” which means “make bright.”


1. Lightning is an electrical energy while thunder is a sound energy.
2. Both occur at the same time during a thunderstorm, but since light travels faster than sound, lightning is seen first before one can hear the sound of thunder.
3. Lightning is fast and very hot while thunder can usher in heavy rain and strong winds, but lightning is more dangerous and destructive than thunder.
4. Lightning is formed when water and ice particles collide with warm, moist air and build up static energy while thunder is formed by the fast expansion of gases in the electrical charge of lightning.
The word “thunder” comes from the Old English word “thunor” and the Proto-Germanic “thunraz” while the word “lightning” comes from the Old English word “lihting” or “lightnen.”

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  1. This was very helpful

    • Why?? as this is not the truth and fact… As all English language came frome ancient Latin language at least 70% and the rest of the percentages from Chinese Japanese Russian ect… Lightning and thunder are 2 separate entities that operate as 1! …commanded by one single angel if my memory serves me well I belive the name to be Uriel or raguel.. And is most often commanded after a very hot period of weather to help clear the air for man and create morning dew to nourish the earth … As nothing can escape the heat of the sun that is our risen saviour that gives life to all things and flesh… Jesus = sun/son our risen saviour ..true meaning the sun as the son is God’s sun using a capital G… And as the sun completes its yearly course it gives life… Jesus = sun/son… That’s why Jesus/sun could feed the 5 thousand fish and bread fish I believe in ancient Greek means seaweed and only the sun can provide such a thing the creation of yah the nane of the creator again as I mentioned earlier in this message the circle with the cross in the middle representing the sun each quarter each to there own in season and the bottom left hand corner being winter the sun dies only to SPRING BACK TO LIFE… … The Bible is the greatest story ever told it does not mean it is all truth.. The Bible is sun worship decoded and translated in its true language by the best of the best none government officials don’t belive me look at the Pope and the symbol he holds and wears.. a circle with a cross in the middle the symbol represents the sun/son/Jesus this symbol has been found all over the world… even some churches have the words God’s sun and on other churches it says God’s son.. and rightly so we should all make praise to the sun/Jesus as he gives us life… Because what happens if the sun/son/Jesus does not rise we die so there for the sun is our risen saviour… Where do you think we get our hours from.. We got them from horus who walked across the sky and his 12th step being 12 o’clock.. The bible is sun worship although it holds some truth is masonic with the big 3 or 33 Jesus died at the age of 33 he had 33 vertebres jeasus/sun Rises on the 3rd day… Do your research people never take another man’s word for the truth look for yourself…
      The sun is masculine and the moon is feminine .. he and she notice how the moon can be half lit quarter lit a fully illuminated and even more precise Illuminations either the beginning or the end of the month she may be quarter half or fully illuminated… This happens in a 14 day period she will begin her illumination and by the 14th day she will be fully illuminated and the other half of the month she will start to lose her light and by the end of the month she will dissappear only to return again… These 2 entities are commanded and that is just… The 4 seasons Matthew Mark luke and John = spring summer autumn and winter… Picture a circle with a cross in the middle the top left hand corner representing spring top right hand corner representing summer bottom right representing autumn and the last bottom left representing winter… But back to the point thunder and lightning are 2 separate entities that operate as 1… Where there is lightning there will be thunder followed shortly behind… and where there is thunder there will be lightning they are 2 as 1… Bless the most high… Yes science is correct in some of its particulars as, man strives to gain knowledge… But man makes life complicated when really living life should be easy… We were once smart clever bright men brain washed and indoctrinated by government meaning of government ancient Latin govern = guverno meaning to control ment = mentes mentis or mentez again ancient Latin = mind… Government = to control the mind or to control one’s mind…thunder and lightning are living entities that wer created… Just like the sky = dome and dome = sky the dome also known as the firmament holds the waters from above and that is why the sky is blue just like the ocean… Have you never thought to your self how can there be blue sky behind the moon.. If you look at the pictures of the earth from the fake space there is black behind it so that should tell you that the earth is in a black space… So why can you see blue behind the moon and the sun/son/Jesus.. Just like your perception of the earth from space and there being black behind it tells you that both the sun and the moon are not in space… All this being said I do believe in a creator the God of God’s king of Kings the Lord of Lords the creator of spirits the creator of all things… Bless him yah for ever and ever and ever.. Yah is the creators name meaning to self exist… One more thing if you believe the earth is a spinning ball and spinning at a 1000 miles an hour orbiting the sun at 666000 miles an hour moving through fake space at 266000 miles an hour maybe even 276000 miles an hour but yet we still see the same stars 1000s of years later… Open your eyes people… PLEASE

  2. Will you tell me, why Thor is called “God of Thunder” despite the fact that he produces Lightning…

    • Haha that’s funny I am watching Ragnarok right now and was wondering the same thing …u don’t think sparkles fits him haha I want to know y also

  3. In short please

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