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Difference Between Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Pro vs Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere is one of the best video editing software around. It is from the same software company that produces Photoshop. Despite catering to mostly professional video editors, Adobe decided to split the product into two to provide for high end users and the average person. The Pro version contains all that Premiere has to offer while Elements is the toned down version, which non-professionals or those who are just starting should get. Understandably, Elements lack some of the most advanced features that Premiere has to offer. This is not such a major disadvantage though as most users do not even know that these features exist and would probably not use them anyway.

Another key difference between the two is in their controls and interface. Elements has a much friendlier user interface that focuses more on the ease of use. The most common functions are intuitively placed to make it less confusing for beginners. In contrast, the Pro version does not focus on the ease of use but on the efficiency of the workflow. The Pro version assumes that the user knows what he is doing and presents the most important information on screen. The interface of the Pro version would likely overwhelm a beginner and make it a lot more difficult to create or edit videos.

In terms of price, Elements is much easier to purchase than Pro. The cheaper price directly correlates to the missing features so that non-professionals don’t have to spend as much. Some people who intend to go pro with video editing often would directly get the Pro version to cut costs since they would probably get it in the future. To make it easier for their customers, Adobe provides an upgrade path from Elements to Pro. This means that users of Elements can upgrade to Pro at the fraction of the cost of buying it separately. With this, beginners can have the advantage of the simpler interface and gentle learning curve of Elements while still having the option to switch to Pro when they have outgrown Elements.


1. Pro is the full packed video editing software of Adobe while Elements is a toned down or simplified version

2. Elements lack the advanced features found on the Pro

3. The layout of Elements is much simpler and user friendly compared to the Pro

4. Elements is much cheaper compared to Pro

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  1. Thank you very much for the review. Now I know what’s the difference between Pro and Elements. And the most important.. I know what to do. Thanks again.

  2. This is very informative for me. I really appreciate the explanation. Two thumbs-up for the review. Thank you very much.

  3. Thank you ben. You are a star! Just what I needed to know. I had premier pro a few years back and never used it as it was too complex for an amature.

    I did the Total Training lectures on it but still found it too complex to remember if I did not use it regularly.

    I migrated to cheaper, simpler software like Cyberlink Power Director but had too many problems that Cyberlink can’t seem to resolve.

    I know Adobe software is robust so I have now purchased Premier Elements 9 and look forward to using it!

  4. Fantastic explenation! Even i understood,….allgreat,…

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