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photoshop_swPhotoshop vs Photoshop Elements

Photoshop is an imaging tool from Adobe that is very popular due to its advanced capabilities in editing photos. Photoshop Elements is the replacement to Photoshop Limited edition. It aims to provide a scaled down version of the capabilities of Photoshop at a scaled down price. Photoshop Elements approximately costs around a sixth of the price of Photoshop.

Some capabilities of Photoshop have been removed to compensate for the lower cost. This includes the advanced color management that is available in Photoshop, which has been simplified in Photoshop elements. Photoshop elements also lack the ability to export to CMYK color models; a feature that some professionals require in getting their images printed. Photoshop is capable of producing HDR (high dynamic range) images by combining multiple exposures while Photoshop elements cannot. Photoshop Elements also lacks the advanced text formatting that allows Photoshop to do great things with text, like plotting text along a path that is not necessarily straight or even uniform.

Since Photoshop Elements is geared towards everyday people who do not really need or understand the advanced features of Photoshop, Adobe included some features that make it easier for the general public to use on their everyday photos. Tools like automatic red-eye removal and the cookie cutter takes out the complexity of image editing and simply gets the job that the user wants done.

Another great thing that user loves about Photoshop is the great number of plug-ins that can be downloaded and used with it to improve or automate its features. Photoshop Elements is also capable of using these plug-ins. Some users take advantage of this fact by employing plug-ins that replicate the features that are not available in Photoshop elements.

1. Photoshop is a very popular imaging application while Photoshop elements is a scaled down version of Photoshop
2. Photoshop is very expensive but Photoshop elements costs a sixth of the price of Photoshop
3. Photoshop elements have a simplified version of Photoshop’s advanced color management
4. Photoshop elements cannot export to CMYK color mode on its own while Photoshop can
5. Photoshop can create HDR images while elements can’t
6. Photoshop elements can’t do text on a path like Photoshop can
7. Photoshop elements has some tools not available on Photoshop like cookie the cookie cutter tool and automatic red eye removal
8. Photoshop elements is compatible with the multitude of plug-ins that can be used with Photoshop

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  1. As for HD I use the place command in elements 7 to place the same RAW file numerous times as required on it’s own layer. I clip these layers with any adjustment tool which provides me with the layer mask required to make selections with the desired features of each layer. Example you can use the RAW dialog sliders to boost saturation in one layer and in an other layer you can boost the shadows or high lights. For my photos these are all the tools I need and my technique resembles HD photography. Regards Charles

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