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After Effects vs Premiere

The Adobe Systems Incorporated is an American software company that produces multimedia and creativity software products. These products are designed to allow users to perform certain tasks on a computer device.
A few examples of these software products are desktop software such as: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign, server software such as Adobe ColdFusion and Adobe Content Server, and formats such as Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and Adobe PostScript.

It also provides users with web hosted services such as: Adobe Acrobat.com and Adobe Kuler, web design programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash, the eLearning software Adobe Captivate, and video and visual effects software such as: Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere.
Both the Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere are part of the Adobe Creative Suite (CS) which is a collection of software applications such as web development applications, graphic design, and video editing. They are designed to make videos better and more comprehensible.

Adobe After Effects is an application software that is used to create visual effects and motion graphics in a video. It allows users to attach another video to a main one by displaying it in a small side screen. It is used in the adjustment of colors and images and in the conversion of one encoded media to another.
Adobe Premiere is an application software that is intended for video editing. It is mainly used in the cutting and splicing of film footage to make it more comprehensive. It can also be used for adding effects that are simple and allows the viewing of 3D materials using 2D monitors.

They can be used separately or together. First edit a video using Adobe Premiere and then use Adobe After Effects to add some fancy visual effects to make it more realistic and exciting. Adobe After Effects can even be used in the creation of full motion animation.
While Adobe Premiere makes a video more organized allowing for the smooth playing of scene sequences, the Adobe After Effects makes a video more appealing to watch because of additional features that are meant to create more excitement and make it more interesting to watch.


1.Adobe After Effects is a software application that is used for the creation of motion graphics and visual effects in a video while Adobe Premiere is a software application that is used for video editing.
2.Adobe Premiere is usually used first by editing a video to make the sequence of scenes more comprehensive then 3.Adobe After Effects is used to add special effects like animation and other fascinating things to make the video even more interesting to watch.
4.Adobe Premiere can make a video more organized and easy to understand while Adobe After Effects can make a video more exciting and riveting to watch.
5.Adobe Premiere is used in cutting and splicing a video while Adobe After Effects is used in enhancing the scenes and action of the video.

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