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  1. Timothy Samalik
    June 2, 2017

    You forgo to mention that one is horrible and one is really good. One is about to be replaced because it falls apart in your hands, and the other one still works. One has plastic magazines that are brittle, one has steel magazines that are heavy but strong.

    One was made by people who knew what they were doing and was was not.


    • Rajneesh Wadhwa
      March 4, 2018

      Are you a kind of expert on firearms. I my self prefer Ak over Insas, but it is not a piece of garbage as you are . I respect the people who made it . At least it is not copied. Most manufacturers just don’t have brains and copy the AK design without application of mind.


      • Jason Nash
        March 26, 2019

        @Rajneesh Wadhwa: Haha fihy Indian got triggered. Indian INSAS is jnk. In fact any weapin India makes is a junk. When Nepalese Army were battling Maoists, Nepalese Army had so much complaints about INSAS failing everytime that they immediately ordered M-16 A2 from U.S as INSAS replacement.


      • Amritesh Kumar
        July 4, 2019

        At least India has its own manufactured weapon but your country and you are huge bigger have nothing.


      • Pawan
        August 14, 2019

        You are junk Indian products are best at low cost ok .See or chandrayan 2 mission at very low cost and very successful mission .so don’t talk rubbish .


      • Markcosay
        August 19, 2019

        Yeh INSAS has many disadvantage compared to Ak47 but you know the most important thing in battlefield is to maintain accuracy. Ak47’s accuracy is as filthy as you are. And Also u forget to mention that Indians gave 25000 INSAS with 70% subsidy.Better mind your language while mentioning an INDIAN.


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