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Difference Between AK-47 and AK-56

ak-47Both the AK-47 and AK-56 are assault rifles and widely used in modern warfare. There is a common perception among people that AK-56 is a newer version of AK-47 but it is not so. Read on to know the similarities and differences between these two guns.

AK-47 stands for Avtomat (meaning automatic) Kalashnikov (name of the designer, Mikhail Kalashnikov) and 47 being the year 1947 (the year it was introduced in service). This gun was designed in the Soviet Union. The type 56 assault rifle (popularly known as AK-56), on the other hand, is the Chinese copy of AK-47. The postfix 56 stands for 1956, the year since when it was manufactured.

Both the guns have similar dimensions but the AK-56 assault rifle is a bit lighter, weighing 3.8 kg compared to the 4.3 kg weight of the AK-47 rifle. They both use 7.62 mm cartridges and have a 30 round feed system meaning that one magazine can hold up to 30 bullets. The AK-47 is also compatible with a 40 round box or 75 round drum magazine. Here the box and drum refers to the shape of the magazine. Both of them have a gas-operated, rotating bolt firing action. Gas-operated loading action uses the pressure of gas inside the cartridge to eject the spent case and mount a new cartridge. They both have a maximum effective range of about 400 metres. The AK-47 is very soldier friendly and can be used in any possible condition, even underwater and under mud. Its simple design and high reliability makes it one of the most highly produced weapons in the world.

The only visible difference between the AK-47 and the AK-56 is that the AK-56 has a fully enclosed, hooded front sight whereas the AK-47 sports a partially enclosed front sight. Some versions of the AK-56 also have a folding spike bayonet whereas the AK-47 has a detachable knife bayonet. Apart from these it is almost impossible to visually distinguish between the rifles.

The AK-47 rifle is produced in many countries including Germany, Poland, Israel, and North Korea and even in the USA. But finding an original and genuine AK-47 is rather difficult these days. The AK-56 rifles were the standard weapon of the Chinese military until the 1980s. Many other countries and liberation groups use the AK-56.

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  1. Am seaman Ikwuegbu Paulinus from Nigerian Navy, please sir can u update on NK-49.
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  2. I am a vet from 7 RAR. I served in Afghanistan in 2006 2007 2008 in many operations. you quickly learn the sound of an AK-47, and believe me when you heard that thing you hit the deck. It has an effective range of 400 metres but is highly inaccurate but a stray bullet still kills as much as an accurate one so we just looked for the muzzle flash then fired everything at that point until it stopped, and then moved on to the next one. it works most times.


  4. Military tab
    (active tab)
    Technical characteristics

    Assault rifle M70 AB2 designed on the basis of Kalashnikov principle is used by armed forces in the whole world for more than 40 years since it first appeared. It is still very popular, because it confirmed its reliability in all environments.
    The rifle has long service life and exceptional precision, as the barrel is cold forged.
    Locking system is designed in such a manner that the rifle cannot fire before it is fully locked, which ensures the safety of the shooter.
    Good solutions for the ergonomics, with excellent balance of weight and compensator provide mild recoil and easy control of fire.
    Fire selector has three positions: single shot, burst, safe.
    Iron sights with tritium tubes provide the possibility of aiming in conditions of low visibility.
    Handguards are made of quality beech and the stock is metal, folding.
    Rifle grenade sight is an integrated part of the gas block, and rifle grenade attachment is included in the complete set of the weapon.
    All assault rifles made in Zastava Arms in caliber 7.62 x 39 mm use the same metal magazine with the capacity of 30 rounds.
    The rifle can accept underbarrel grenade launcher in caliber 40mm, model BGP 40mm M70.

    Complete set:
    Assault rifle M70 AB2
    4 spare magazines
    Blank ammunition attachment
    Rifle grenade
    Handling and maintenance manuals

    Optionally, at customer’s request, the set can include:
    Underbarrel grenade launcher in caliber 40 mm, BGP 40 mm M70
    Mount with Picatinny rail, in accordance with NATO standard, which enables the assembly of optical-electronic devices

    stock (mm)
    Weight of
    Rate of
    915 / 670
    620 ± 60

    View the full image
    Assault rifle M70 AB2

    Millitary program
    Assault rifles
    M05 E1-7.62x39mm
    M05 E2-7.62x39mm
    M05 E3-7.62x39mm

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  7. Excellent rifle,extremely inaccurate.Such a shame.


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