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Difference Between Paintball Gun And Ak47

paint-ballPaintball Gun vs Ak47

A Paintball Gun is a gun used in the sport of paintball. This is often called a paintball marker to give the sport a soft image. These guns are mainly similar to air guns that generally use an expandable gas like carbon dioxide or compressed air. AK-47 or Avtomat Kalashnikov is an assault rifle developed by Mikhail Kalashnikov in the 1940’s. 47 stands for the year 1947 when the automatic model was launched. This has been the most widely used assault rifle in the world.

A paintball gun is actually a piece of sports equipment. The muzzle velocity of this is 300 ft per second. This is not capable of causing any lethal injuries except if the projectile hits directly or close to the eyes. Facemasks are advised to be used in paintball events as long as the muzzles of the guns are uncovered. Apart from the eye the paintball hitting anywhere else on the skin may cause a slight bruise. This is usually less than what would be caused than a baseball hitting someone. Where paintball markers use with the law enforcers is limited to riot control where the weapon is supposed to disperse the crowds rather than injure them, the AK-47 on the other hand is a weapon designed to kill. The muzzle velocity of the gun is 2346 ft per second with live cartridges. The gun is capable of firing 600 rounds per minute. This is probably the largest produced assault rifle in the history. It is as popular with the armies and law enforcers as with the terrorists and rebels. As many as 50 armies worldwide are currently using this weapon and countless rebels and terrorist organizations. The main reason for the popularity of the gun is its simplicity in design yet reliability in performance. This is a light weight weapon that performs exceptionally well in most weather conditions.

Paintball Guns are designed and sold as a sports equipment and can be bought off the counter and even on the net. The AK-47’s would normally not even be sold in the gun stores to private buyers. These are only sold to armed forces or police forces on government approved orders. However, these are also the most sought after guns in the illicit trade markets.

1.Paintball Guns are a sports equipment whereas the AK-47 is a deadly weapon.
2.Paintball guns are used only in sports in a few countries the AK-47 is a preferred assault weapon of many armies and terrorist organizations worldwide.
3.Paintball guns may cause minimal sport injuries, however, AK-47 is designed to kill.
4.Paintball guns are available to anyone off the counter, however, the AK-47 may only be sold to government or approved organization. Illicit trade of these weapons continues.

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