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Difference Between Blackberry Storm and Blackberry Thunder

blackberry_stormBlackberry Storm vs. Blackberry Thunder

The Blackberry Storm and Blackberry Thunder, were once thought of as two separate models from RIM, that sported a look very similar to the iPhone, with only a few buttons and a huge touch-screen interface. It was later discovered that both names refer to the same device. Prior to the final release of a new device from a manufacturer, it undergoes a lot of planning and multiple revisions to refine all of the features. During this process, people need a name to call the device so that no one gets confused, as they are often developing multiple phones at the same time. It was at this point that the device was referred to as the Blackberry Thunder.

Once the manufacturer is pretty confident with the device, and they have ironed out all the bugs, it is then marketed under different telecoms. At this point, marketing people determine the name of the device. Since there are two sub models of the device, one that is equipped with a CDMA radio and another that isn’t, it was initially thought that one would be labeled as the Storm and the other as the Thunder, but it was later revealed that both would be under the Storm name, with the model numbers indicated.

As it turned out, the Blackberry Storm, aka Thunder, was pretty successful as RIM’s first touch-screen only device. It’s 528 MHz Qualcomm processor provides enough power to handle the needs of most complicated applications for the Storm. It’s screen provides haptic feedback, so that users know when they press a button. It is also multi-touch capable, just like the screen of the iPhone. Although there were software glitches found on earlier versions, most of these have been addressed by RIM, with software patches and updates to the Blackberry operating system.

To summarize, the Storm/Thunder is a very competent phone, that marries the stylish looks and innovative interface of the iPhone, with the tried and tested corporate email support for which the Blackberry is very famous. The 9530 version adds a little bit more, by supporting both GSM/UMTS and CDMA/EV-DO networks, and allowing it to be used almost anywhere in the world.


1. The Thunder and the Storm are the same device.

2. The term Thunder was used to refer to the device while it was in production, while it was named the Storm in it’s release to the public.

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