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Difference Between Blackberry Professional and Enterprise Server

blackjacking_bookBlackberry Professional vs. Enterprise Server

For businesses that want to use Blackberry products and software, they can avail of two types of software with different licensing fees; the professional server and the enterprise server, with the latter being much more expensive than the former. The most significant difference between the two, other than the price, is the number of users or devices that the software accommodates. The professional software only allows up to 30 Blackberry devices, while the Enterprise server can accommodate 2000 devices, or even more, which largely depends on its installed hardware.

The enterprise server supports more messaging capabilities. Both do support web based messaging, but only the enterprise server supports enterprise messaging. The enterprise server adds more functionality to accessing files. The enterprise server allows the user to access files that are on the server, and not on their blackberry device. It also enables users to view and edit the files attached to their emails. These features are great for passing documents around, and getting work done while being away from your desk. The professional software lacks both features, and users need to upgrade to enterprise to get them.

Besides from differences that affect the end-user, there are also differences that can affect the people who maintain the server. The enterprise server allows greater control over the system, with an extensive collection of tools that allow the IT personnel to monitor, maintain, and administer the servers. The professional software provides a simplified version of these tools, along with predefined policies that administrators can choose from, and implement. Although having the total control that the enterprise server provides might seem better, smaller businesses might benefit more from using the simpler version of the professional software. Smaller businesses might not have the right people, or enough people working on their IT, and less time spent on the Blackberry server means more time that can be spent on other things.


1. The Professional server is much cheaper than the Enterprise Server.

2. Professional has a limit of 30 Blackberry devices, while the enterprise server is able to accommodate 2000 devices, or even more, per server.

3. Professional only supports web-based messaging, while the enterprise server supports both web-based and enterprise messaging.

4. The enterprise server allows remote file access, while the professional server does not.

5. The enterprise server allows viewing and editing of attachments, while the professional server does not.

6. The enterprise server has extensive administration services and policies, while the professional server has a simplified version with predefined policies.

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