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Ancient man walked or rode on animals such as horses, cows, elephants, and donkeys in order to go to other places. In time he learned to construct mechanical modes of transportation such as ships, cars, airplanes, trains, and motorcycles.
Motorcycles are also known as motorbikes, bikes, or cycles. They are two-wheeled motor vehicles that are suited for navigating in congested traffic and racing. They are the most common types of vehicles that are used by most people because of their affordability.
One of the most popular manufacturers of motorcycles is the Harley-Davidson or Harley. It was founded in the early 20th century and has survived the Great Depression and stiff competition from other motorcycle manufacturers.
It is known for its heavyweight motorcycles with distinctive designs and customization. It offers several beautiful classic designs such as:

Sportster which are produced since 1957 and are powered by V-twin engines, have five speeds, rubber isolation mounts to reduce vibration, and hydraulic shock absorbers on both wheels.
V-Twin Racing Street Custom (VRSC) which is a cruiser motorcycle produced since 2001; has a 60 degree V-twin engine with the fuel tank located underneath the seat rather than in front.
Touring which is comprised of three models with several features, such as: cruise control, anti-lock brakes, and stereo systems.
Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) which features a fuel-injected 1800cc Screamin’ Eagle Twin Cam 110 engine.
Trike which is a three-wheeled motorcycle.
Dyna which is powered by an Eagle V-twin engine, has a self-adjusting heavy-duty clutch, six-speed cruiser drive transmission, 16-inch Fang wheels made of cast aluminum, and premium suspensions.
Softail which features springs or shock absorbers on its rear suspension system that is hidden underneath it. It was first released in 1984. It uses a counterbalanced Twin Cam engine version instead of the regular version used in Dyna models.

While both the Dyna and the Softail are great bikes to ride and have a lot of accessories available, the Softail has more. The Dyna also has a rubber mount engine, and the shock absorbers are exposed unlike the Softail. The Dyna is more balanced and is best at making corners and steering in traffic. It is also best suited for riding two people up while the Softail is best only for one rider or a lighter load. It also costs less than the Softail. Whichever model one opts to buy, both bikes are fast, efficient, and fun to ride.

1.The Dyna is a Harley-Davidson motorcycle which is powered by an Eagle V-twin engine while the Softail is a Harley-2.Davidson motorcycle which is powered by a counterbalanced Twin Cam engine.
3.The Dyna handles corners better than the Softail.
4.The shock absorbers of the Dyna are exposed while the shock absorbers of the Softail are hidden.
5.The Dyna is well suited for riding two people while the Softail is not.
6.The Softail is more expensive than the Dyna.
7.The Softail has more accessories available than the Dyna.

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  1. Ive owned both and currently own a 91 Fxrs-sp and a 01 Dyna Low rider Fxdl. Dyna is a much sportier bike than a softail. And the FXR is far mpre performance orientedcthan either the softail or dyna

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