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Difference Between Road Glide and Street Glide

One of the most renown motorcycle manufacturers is Harley Davidson, which was founded by William S. Harley, Arthur Davidson, Walter Davidson, and William Davidson in the year 1903. This was one of the major American motorcycle manufacturers to survive the great depression. The company has survived global competition, product quality wrangles, subsidiary arrangements, and even ownership arrangements. The company has manufacturing plants in Kansas, Pennsylvania, Brazil, India, Bawal and Wisconsin, just to name a few. Among the motorcycle models include road glide and street glide.


What is a Road Glide?

With an engine capacity of 1745CC, the road glide is a favorite among many people. Among other features, it has a self-start starting mechanism, the cooling system is air cooled with a weight of 372 kg and a wet mutilate clutch. A double bending valve suspension is used in both the rear and front suspension while both the tail lights are LED-lit. The road glide has a frame-mounted fairing hence the wind protection angle may vary from other models.


What is a Street Glide?

With an engine capacity of 1745CC, the street glide has proven to be quality motorcycle overtime. It has a self-start starting mechanism, with a fuel capacity of 22.7L. The headlight is halogen-lit while the tail light is LED lit. It has a weight of 361kg with a double cradle chassis type and enforcer cast aluminum in both the front and back suspension. It has a fork-mounted fairing which may trigger a difference in wind protection in comparison to other models.


Similarities between Road Glide and Street Glide

  • Both have an engine capacity of 1745CC
  • The number of cylinders in both is 2
  • Both have an air-cooled cooling system
  • Both have a self-start starting mechanism
  • Fuel tank capacity is 22.7L in both


Differences between Road Glide and Street Glide


While the road glide has a frame-mounted fairing, the street glide has a fork-mounted fairing.

Headlight and tail light

While both the headlight and tail light are LED lit in the road glide, the headlight is halogen-lit while the tail light is LED lit in the street guide.

Kerb weight

While the kerb weight in the road glide is 372kg, the kerb weight in the street glide is 361kg.

Road Glide vs. Street Glide: Comparison Table


Summary of Road Glide vs. Street Glide

The road glide and street glide are similar in many ways. The two, however, have a few differences. While the road glide has a frame-mounted fairing, the street glide has a fork-mounted fairing, which may create a difference in the wind protection angle. It is hence important for a person to take a test drive before settling on one, and choose either based on preference.


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