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Difference Between Nest and SimpliSafe

In a world full of hundreds of thousands of security surveillance systems and companies, one can easily get muddled in a rush to select one. It’s a hard task especially if it’s your first time and you want to deal with the best. Without the right checklist, you might end up spending more time and resources and not settle for the best.

Among the industry’s biggest players are Nest Secure and SimpliSafe. While SimpliSafe is one of the pioneers in the field, Nest Secure is among the new kids in town. However, each of them has managed a good bite of the big cake.

So, is there a difference between the two home security system companies? Do they have any similarities? Those are the questions this post seeks to answer by drawing the key differences between the two.


What is Nest Secure?

Nest Secure is one of the newest forces in the security surveillance systems field that promises to be tougher on the bad guys and easy on you. Recently bought by Alphabet, the system that comes with a Nest Guard, Nest Detects, and Nest Tags that make your surveillance system better.

With Nest Secure, you can enjoy an additional layer of security either at your home, ranch, or business premises. It offers professional monitoring that is personalized too. Though it gets tough when you want it to be, although, to the bad guys, the system is easy to live with.

Key Characteristics of Nest Secure

  • Easy arming and disarming using a mobile application.
  • Connected to Google Assistant for arming and disarming on the go.
  • Allows the use of passcodes.
  • Gives “Remind Me” alerts on the user’s phone if they forget to arm it.
  • Intelligent operation; the system can help you monitor your kids with Nest Detect or help you open the door with “Quiet Open” when you want to leave the house early, but it’s still armed.


What is SimpliSafe?

SimpliSafe is a home security firm based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. SimpliSafe produces and offers DIY home security systems that can be connected to central monitoring centers.

SimpliSafe offers systems that are both wireless and battery-powered. Therefore, one wouldn’t worry if there was a power loss as the lithium batteries keep it running and can be replaced once they run dry.

Key Features of the SimpliSafe Home Security System

  • The SimpliSafe system is comprised of a base unit as well as a keypad.
  • It is fitted with various peripheral sensors including motion detectors, door and window sensors, and smoke detectors.
  • Glass break sensors.
  • Temperature change monitors.
  • Remote update and monitoring.


Possible Similarities Between Nest and SimpliSafe

  • Both companies are experts in the home security monitoring and surveillance field with a good number of clients, sophisticated systems, and advanced technology at their disposal.
  • Their base units emit 85-decibel sirens for a normal package.


Difference Between Nest and SimpliSafe

Despite being in the same field, the two companies their distinct features. The way they operate, their systems, as well as services vary. Among the major differences between them are as explained below:


Nest Secure was founded in 2010 in the Nest Labs by a former Apple engineering duo while SimpliSafe was founded in 2006 by Chad and Eleanor Laurans, both students at the Harvard Business School by then.


SimpliSafe is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. while Nest Secure is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, U.S.


Nest Secure is considerably costly compared to SimpliSafe. The Nest Secure starter kit goes for approximately $400 while the same kit goes for around $280 (this consists of $230 for the Foundation and $50 to get the key fobs).

Also, Nest Secure is more expensive when it comes to professional monitoring as well as if you need additional sensors.

Remote Control Package

If you want to enjoy the remote-control feature, you will have to pay for a package called Interactive Professional monitoring if you are using SimpliSafe. However, remote monitoring is free if you are dealing with Nest Secure.


The two systems have minimalist designs, but the range of colors are different. Nest has their devices and sensors in white while SimpliSafe has white and black devices and sensors.

Range of Devices

Nest Secure is well off in keeping intruders and burglars away from your premises with its motion and entry sensors. However, SimpliSafe offers more environmental hazards detection. The sensors from SimpliSafe, in addition to entry and motion detection, detect smoke, water and gas leaks, fire outbreak, and flooding. SimpliSafe also offers glass break sensors to alert the property owner if someone breaks their door or windowpanes.

Professional Monitoring and Cellular Backup

If you require both the cellular backup and professional monitoring, SimpliSafe offers both in one package. On the other hand, a Nest Secure customer will have to sign up for cellular back up and professional monitoring separately making it a bit costlier than SimpliSafe’s.

Nest Vs. SimpliSafe: Comparison Table


Summary of Nest Vs SimpliSafe

Home security and surveillance systems have been on rising demand in recent years. This is attributed to increased cased of burglary and terror attacks even in private properties. Kidnappings and environmental hazards have also contributed to the rise in the need for home surveillance systems. As such, the systems are now highly available and is only the customer’s diligence that will get them the right systems.


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