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Difference Between NTSC PS3 and PAL PS3


A lot of confusion has been caused by the NTSC (National Television System Committee) and PAL (Phase Alternate Line) standards since they specified different and incompatible standards for the older, analog TV sets. Even with newer hardware, like the PS3, the need to be backwards compatible still means that there are NTSC and PAL versions of the hardware. The most major difference between the PAL and NTSC version is compatibility with older TV sets. The NTSC version is only able to work with NTSC TV sets while the PAL version is only able to work with PAL TV sets. Another limitation is with the older PS2 and PS1 games that are also coded as either PAL or NTSC. Even if you have an NTSC TV and PS3, having a PAL PS2 or PS1 game would make it unplayable on your system. The same is also true if you have a PAL TV and PS3 with an NTSC game. You need to have all three under the same standard in order to play the game. PS3 games though, no longer follow these standards and would be playable in your system regardless of whether you have an NTSC TV and PS3 or PAL. The differences in PAL and NTSC are only in how they utilize the bandwidth that is usable in an SDTV set. NTSC uses a lower resolution but has a higher frame frequency at 60fps. PAL uses a higher resolution but outputs video at roughly 50fps. There are TV sets though, that are able to support both NTSC and PAL so you should check if your TV is one of them. The best way to eradicate the problem with incompatibility is to use an HDTV that no longer follows the standards imposed by NTSC and PAL. By using an HDMI cable, you would be able to play all games as long as they are not region coded. Region coding is a whole different topic and is not under either PAL or NTSC. Summary: 1. The NTSC PS3 will only work with NTSC TV sets while the PAL PS3 will only work with PAL TV sets 2. The NTSC PS3 cannot play PAL PS2 games when connected to an SDTV and vice versa 3. The NTSC PS3 has more frames per second but lower resolution while the PAL PS3 has higher resolution at lower FPS 4. Both would work equally well with HDTV sets and LCD screens

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