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ps3PS2 vs PS3

The PS2 and PS3 are later and improved version of Sony’s Playstation gaming console. The PS3 is the latest and most superior of the two, specification wise. The PS3 is equipped with better processors and GPU that leads to much better graphics and fluid motion. Sony also included an on-board Wi-Fi adapter to the PS3 allowing it to connect to a wireless access point. Although the PS2 is capable of online play via an on-board or separate network card, it is only capable of wired connections and not wireless.

One of the attractive features of the PS3 is in its ability to play Blu-Ray discs. Consumers love the fact that they are not only buying a gaming console but a Blu-Ray player too, adding more bang to the buck. The PS2 did not have this capability, considering that Blu-Ray was still not around at the time of its creation. The PS3 is also equipped with an HDMI port so that it can digitally transmit the HD video to HD capable screens.

Backwards compatibility in the PS2 made it a very appealing console for a lot of users as it enables the PS2 to play games that were intended for the original Playstation. This feature included the great number of Playstation games to the list of PS2 games. The PS3 is backwards compatible to the Playstation via software emulation but most models nowadays are no longer backwards compatible to the PS2. The first models of the PS3 were capable of playing PS2 games to some extent, but Sony gradually removed PS2 parts from the PS3 like the Emotion Engine and Graphic Synthesizer GPU.

Although the superiority of the PS3 over the PS2 is beyond argument, some people still consider the PS2 to be the best Playstation there is. This sentiment comes largely from the lack of backwards compatibility in the PS3 and the anemic amount of quality games in the PS3. As more games are being developed for the PS3, this argument would later become moot and most players would be moving to the superior PS3.

1.The PS3 is the latest in the playstation line and is the successor to the PS2
2.The PS3 has much better graphics compared to the PS2
3.The PS3 has on-board Wi-Fi while the PS2 does not
4.The PS3 is capable of playing Blu-Ray discs while the PS2 cannot
5.The PS2 is backwards compatible and can play PSX games while the PS3 is not considered to be backwards compatible

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