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  1. Frustrated User
    October 27, 2011

    When you say “Although alot of games are not playable on either system”, do you actually mean “Althouh alot of games ARE PLAYABLE on either system”? Because the latter makes much more sense.


    • Sodiq
      February 3, 2012

      So type of ntsc game can work on a pal 360


      • Rockstar Modding
        March 13, 2016

        No this guy is full of shit. Pal and NTSC are region code. Each disc and console has one. If the consoles region does not match the disc it will be unreadable and there will be a likely chance that they have different languages. Example: Spanish English Japanese and French. Region codes aslo are a way for Microsoft to tell what region/country your from. Some Dev kit consoles can change their region. Retail/Flashed/other Xboxes cant. If you buy a game from a different country it will not work on your console because it has a different region code.

        NTSC=United States
        PAL=Europe, Australia, and New Zealand
        NTSC/J=Japan, China, Other

        A great tool to change a ISO’s (game) region code is called ABGX360. Here is the download link http://abgx360.xecuter.com/


      • QuickMythril
        September 25, 2016

        1. The region code for video games is not the same as the television standard. NTSC TVs are 60 Hz, and PAL TVs are 50 Hz, but the Xbox 360 can output either. I own an NTSC/U, NTSC/J and PAL 360 console, and they ALL WORK with my TV. However the PAL 360 will not display video DVDs as it tries to output 50 Hz.

        2. The power supply is what takes 110-120V vs 220/240V, NOT the console. I have a US power supply connected to my PAL 360 and it works just fine. You can import consoles, but you have to use local power supplies.

        3. Xbox 360 games can be coded as RF (region free), NTSC/U, PAL, or NTSC/J, or even combinations of the three, but it’s not what’s printed on the case or disc, that’s just where the game was released. (abgx360 does NOT change the region code, but you can use that website to see what possible regions your games may be.)

        4. This info applies specifically to Xbox 360. Other systems have their own set of region-locking, while some may not have any region-locking at all.

        For more info contact me, QuickMythril. I’m always willing to help people learn things.


  2. Minok
    October 23, 2012

    NTSC and PAL are not region coding and those designations have never been used to keep people from using discs in other regions. You are thinking of region codes: 1 2,3… Which are.used to restrict playback of DVD Video media outside of the region of the player.


  3. Qayum Sharudin
    September 29, 2013

    So, how to know if my Microsoft Xbox 360 are PAL or NTSC?


    • Justin
      December 16, 2015

      Just ask your Xbox 360 if it identifies as a PAL or NTSC.


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