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xboxPS3 vs Xbox 360

The PS3 or the PlayStation3 is the latest home video game console launched by the world renowned Sony Computer Entertainment. It is the third gadget in the entire PlayStation Series and follows the prior PlayStation 2. On the other hand the Xbox 360 is the latest video game console brought to the global market by the Microsoft Corporation. It is the second in the range and is the closest market competitor of the PS3 and the Nintendo Wii. Both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 belong to the seventh generation of video game consoles that has taken the entire gaming industry at a toll.

Some of the major features that are new in the third generation PlayStation3 are,

  • Unified Online Gaming Service
  • The latest PlayStation Network which is in contrast to the preceding policy of depending on the video game developers for online gaming
  • Blu-ray Disc (the primary storage medium), in fact the PS3 is one of the first Blu-ray 2.0-compliant Blu-ray player existing
  • Connectivity directly by way of the PlayStation Portable
  • Tough multimedia capabilities
  • High-definition optical disc format

On the other hand, some of the prominent characteristics of the Xbox 360 are,

  • An integrated Xbox Live service which gives the players a chance to compete live
  • It allows you to download various content including game demos, trailers, arcade games, movies and daily soaps
  • Windows Media Center multimedia capabilities
  • High definition support in each and every game
  • Game downloads and movie rentals from the online market
  • Allows users to watch movies on the discontinued HD DVD format using an add-on drive

The Xbox 360 hit the market prior to the PlayStation3. It was officially launched on MTV on May 12, 2005. The detailed game information and other technicalities were launched one month later at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. On the other hand the PlayStation3 came into the market on November 11, 2006. It was first released in Japan, thereon in North and South America on 17th November, 2006. Finally on 23rd March, 2007 it hit the markets in Europe and Oceania.

A new slim model of the PS3 was launched in September 2009 and the model presently has a 60GB hard drive with several supplementary features. On the other hand the present model of the Xbox 360 has two configurations, the Elite and the Arcade with individual accessories to go along.

1. The PS3 belongs to the Sony Computer Entertainment while the Xbox 360 belongs to the Microsoft Corporation
2. PS3 is the third in the PlayStation range while the Xbox 360 is the second in the range.
3. Though the PS3 characterizes sturdy multimedia capabilities the Xbox 360 brings forth the Windows Media Center multimedia capabilities
4. Xbox 360 came into the market on May 12, 2005 while PlayStation3 hit the market on November 11, 2006.

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  1. The PS3 has much more features listed here over the 360. I’m sensing a bit of prejudice by the author.
    Consider: Blu-Ray doesn’t scratch
    Multiplayer service is free and reliable
    Used games are in the same condition as new games (Blu ray)
    Wireless and rechargable controllers that charge via usb
    PSNetwork offers demos and full games, while netflix offers movies
    All are standard at no extra cost

    I know the 360 is worse than the ps3 but I don’t have info available to me to support it.

    Please consider revising article…

  2. @ Lee

    Please stop being a fanboy muppet! This is not the site to air you fanboy rubbish

    PSN V’s XBL Yes XBL cost money but at £50 a year that only 14p a day and in my option the service you receive is far superior

    Both system have demos and full games as well as films and TV channels

    Controllers – Both system have rechargeable batteries however if you battery on you PS3 ever dies you need to send the controller away to have it replaced.

    I would agree that the PS£ bluray player is very good an one of the reasons I brought a PS3

    (I currently own both system and use both equally)

  3. ps3 sucks. id rather pay n play wit pro’s. instead of havin to put up with annoying squeakers who play bc its free. no competition online for ps3. n u would have to get new controller while we get just battery. charging wire is longer. blu ray is only reason y they sold so much. we had netflix first, we get exclusive deals i pay 30 a yr for subscription. we get new dlc’s first. n now they got root key cracked n it will go downhill from there. certain movies cant b watched on it. so if post was biased it did it to make the 3 sound more equal to us although u r the inferior one not the superior. 360 gots this!!!!!! n that shit does scratch. have had many ppl not b able to play ther shit

    • u cant compete with ps3… there are noobs everywhere…. I used to have an xbox and is the same shxt…. ps3 is way better than xbox…. better graphics, wireless connection, bluetooth compatibility…. the only good thing that xbox has is left 4 dead…. people say that xbox is cheaper than ps3 but thats bullshxt…. if u want to play online u have to pay monthly, if u want wireleess u have to pay 100 for the wi-fi….. basically, u pay more for less…..smh


    • You dont know anythin about Ps3 you suk and you need a life
      If you say it suks why did you have one get your own Xbox360 you noob

    • You no nothin about ps3 why do you have one Duh get

  4. I have a 360 that is 4-5 years old. Its overheating consantly, even within 5 minutes of gaming. Is the PS3 worth getting to replace my tired 360?

  5. Only reason i dont own an xbox is because all xbox games are released on PC also. So owning thats system is pointless. PS3 has true exclusives, you can only get them on that system no where else. No hate towards Xbox but they dont have true exclusives.

  6. Once you press the PS button a menu is going to be displayed. It also supports hd audio including Dolby True – HD and DTS-HD Master Audio. You will simply require a computer or a console that has an internet connection and entry to a cloud gaming service. Racing a VW Bug will feel different than racing a Corvette.


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