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Difference Between PSP and PSP 3000

PSP vs PSP 3000

The PSP or Playstation Portable is Sony’s portable gaming console, which is in direct competition with Nintendo’s DS. The PSP 3000 is basically the third major modification of the PSP and is the last for the original line. Currently, only the PSP 3000 is still being produced by Sony as the two previous versions, the PSP 1000 and PSP 2000 have been discontinued.

There are only a few areas where the PSP 3000 improved over its predecessors. One is the addition of the embedded mic. This is a welcome addition as it no longer necessitated the use of a headset in order to make calls via Skype. The older PSP 2000 already had the ability to make VoIP calls but needed the headset due to the lack of a mic.

Another improvement is the change to a better screen. It may not be bigger than its predecessors. But it provides better color reproduction for livelier images, increased response time to eliminate blurring, and enhanced anti-reflective technology to make it easier to play outdoors.

Because the PSP 3000 is the last of the original PSP line, it is reasonable that Sony put out a replacement. The main commonality between units that succeeded the PSP 3000 is the lack of a UMD slot. On the positive side, it reduces the device’s size and weight. But on the negative side, old UMD games that were playable in the PSP 3000 and older devices can no longer be used.

Although it seemed for some time that the PSP Go would take the place of the PSP, the form factor did not really stick very well. Because of this, Sony released a second one called the PSV. It features much greater specs and the continuation of the PSP Go’s UMD less design. The PSV is yet to be released with expected dates anywhere between the 4th quarter of 2011 to early 2012.


1.The PSP is portable console and the PSP 3000 is the latest model of its first series
2.The PSP 3000 is still in production while older PSPs are not
3.The PSP 3000 has a built-in mic while older PSPs don’t
4.The PSP 3000 has a better screen than older PSPs
5.The PSP 3000 is the last PSP to still use the UMD slot
6.The PSP 3000 is succeeded by the PSVita

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