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Cydia is an iPhone application that allows the user to browse and download applications on a jailbroken iPhone (that is an iPhone that has bypassed Apple’s App Store and has allowed the user to search for and download applications on their iPhone or iPod Touch previously unavailable through the App Store) or iPod Touch. These applications are usually available for download at no cost to the user –though Cydia does come with its own App Store where users are able to purchase applications as well.

Rock Your Phone (or simply known as Rock) is the latest jailbreak application available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is known to download, search, and load applications at a rate that is at least twice as fast as that of the Cydia application. It is the first of its kind to integrate a rich desktop client (that is, applications that have characteristics not unlike those of a desktop) with web and mobile devices.

Though the Cydia application allows users to browse for applications and use them free of charge, they do not commonly come with a trial period for those applications users must pay for. On the other hand, Rock comes customary with a 10-day free trial for any application that any user wishes to purchase.

As regards the payment process for either one of these jailbroken applications, both have implemented PayPal usage for the convenience of its customers. However, Cydia is the only jailbroken application to accept Amazon Payments as well . Rock does not currently allow for Amazon Payments; however, both do allow users to use a credit or debit card as opposed to separate PayPal accounts.

Another major difference between Cydia and Rock is the ability to interface with the user’s computer. Cydia was developed before the ability of users to download applications from their computer and transfer them to their iPhone or iPod Touch. Rock allows users the opportunity to do just that with little to no complication. Rock has made it possible to trial any application on the user’s computer and still downloads it to their respective iPod technology.

1. Cydia allows the user to make purchases via PayPal and Amazon Payments; Rock allows users to make payments via PayPal and credit cards.
2. Cydia was developed before the ability to interface the iPhone with the computer; Rock allows the user to interface his computer with his iPod technology.
3. Cydia does not offer a trial period; Rock offers a 10-day trial period.

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