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Difference Between Skype and WhatsApp

With the growing demand for instant messaging and video calling, the effective use of communication platforms becomes imminent. In this ever-evolving landscape of communication, two players have emerged as the leading contenders in this race: Skype and WhatsApp.

Both are widely used platforms for instant messaging and calling and are valuable communication tools. But which one’s right for you? In this article, we’ll review both platforms and break down the key differences between Skype and WhatsApp to help you make an informed decision.


Skype is a multi-platform app that offers video chat and voice call services. It also allows users to send messages and share files. Being a cross-platform service, it allows users to connect seamlessly across all their devices. It is best known for its VoIP-based video conferencing and voice call services. It offers a free plan that is packed with all the features you would need for effective communication.


WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that allows users to exchange messages and share audio and video files. It’s a free, cross-platform messaging service that is available for all major operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and so on. Unlike Skype, it is best for mobile calls. It has gained widespread popularity for its simple UI, end-to-end encryption, and cross-platform compatibility.

Difference between Skype and WhatsApp

App Analysis

– Skype is a VoIP service and communication app that offers video chat and voice call services. It’s a versatile, multi-platform app that can be best used on a desktop computer or tablet for making voice calls and video calls worldwide. WhatsApp does the same thing for smartphones. It’s a free cross-platform messaging app that allows users to make calls and exchange text, pictures, audio, and video with others across the globe.

Contacts Access

– Skype is more of a professional communication platform that uses nicknames to identify users. Your Skype name is your username created when you first joined Skype, other than your phone number or email address. You can look for other Skype users using that name putting the name in the search bar. WhatsApp, on the other hand, uses your phone number to sign you up. It uses phone numbers to identify each user.

Multimedia Sharing

– WhatsApp clearly shines when it comes to sharing multimedia content. It allows you to share photos, audio and video files, and documents with ease. While Skype also allows you to share multimedia content across different devices, it tends to prioritize real-time communication above file sharing.

Call Quality

– While Skype consumes more data, it has better video quality. Because it was primarily designed for PC usage, it is compatible with HD webcams. This explains the higher video quality. WhatsApp, on the other hand, gives decent-quality calls, although people often raise concerns about dropped calls. WhatsApp does have a PC client but it does not support HD webcams. Additionally, Skype uses a codec for call encoding which enhances the quality of calls.


– Both WhatsApp and Skype offer free and unlimited voice calling, so it basically boils down to one important factor: data consumption. Skype provides the highest call quality and this comes at the expense of higher data consumption. A quick one-minute call with Skype will eat up more data than the same call with WhatsApp. It’s a different case with Wi-Fi, but this impacts your consumption when you’re using a data plan (3G or 4G). 

Skype vs. WhatsApp: Comparison Chart 


Both Skype and WhatsApp cater to different communication needs. While Skype is mainly used by individuals and businesses for professional use, WhatsApp is more of a social media app that was designed to be used as a simple messaging platform. It’s a casual, daily-use messaging platform that allows users to send text, audio, and video messages with ease. WhatsApp was built for conversations, whereas Skype is ideal for work-related audio and video calls.


What is safer WhatsApp or Skype?

Both platforms claim to offer end-to-end encryption to allow secure messaging and safeguard user data and privacy. WhatsApp, however, provides end-to-end encryption by default so that even WhatsApp developers can’t access your messages.

Can you use Skype in Canada?

Skype is a globally accessible platform, and anyone can use this platform for making audio and video calls, even users in Canada.

Who pays for WhatsApp calls?

WhatsApp requires an active internet connection, so the cost is mainly covered by the user’s internet service provider or mobile data plan.

Are there any dangers in using WhatsApp?

While WhatsApp is generally considered secure, there are some potential risks involved such as privacy breaches, phishing attempts, and sharing sensitive information with unknown contacts.

Is there any downside to WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has been used to spread false information lately and it affects all of us. People have raised concerns about data privacy, poor web interface, and security breaches. However, WhatsApp claims to take user privacy very seriously and provides end-to-end encryption for security purposes.

Is it free to use WhatsApp to call internationally?

Yes, you can make free calls using WhatsApp, including international calls, as long as both parties have an active internet connection.

Does it cost to use WhatsApp internationally?

WhatsApp, like any other social media platform, requires data from your internet plan, which may incur charges if you’re using mobile data. There are no charges for using WhatsApp on Wi-Fi, though.

Why do people use WhatsApp when traveling?

Because of its budget-friendly communication options, WhatsApp has become a people’s favorite, especially among travelers. It allows them to stay in touch with family and friends and share travel updates without paying exorbitant international calling rates.

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