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Difference between TomTom 630 & TomTom 730

TomTom 630 vs TomTom 730

GPS navigation system is the single most important accessory that you should have in your vehicle, whether you are searching for a particular location, or need to know the exact distance and route from your current location to another destination. There are lots of different models and brands of GPS Navigation Systems available in the market among which the TomTom is a reliable brand in the world of GPS navigation. The TomTom GO 630 and the 730 models are two of their exclusive GO series, each offering unique features and functions.

The GO 630 series has a map coverage of the entire USA and Canada. It has a market price of $249, which can be considered to be an average priced navigation system for vehicles. The GO 730 model costs $299, which is pretty costly compared to the average priced GPS navigation devices in the market. The GPS navigation system in the two 630 and 730 models come in multiple languages including Chinese, English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese Swedish, Russian and Japanese.

The TomTom 730 features lane guidance, map updates, live traffic information, route optimization along with voice activated navigation. Besides, it has a very sensitive touchscreen which has a pixel density of 480×272 pixels and is comes in widescreen mode. The battery life is roughly 5 hours and the model features a high sensitivity GPS receiver with an internal memory of 2 Gigabytes. It is compatible with SD card and allows additional memory if required. The screen is 4.3 inches when measured diagonally and the weight is only 7.75 oz. It also comes with a built-in FM transmitter and MP3 Player.

The TomTom 630 series features map editing and sharing along with map updates and voice activated navigation. There is an emergency services shortcut along with this model and can also be used as a photo viewer. The 630 series is waterproof up to a depth of 10 meters. It has a 4.3 inch screen just like the 730 model and features a pixel density of 480×272 pixels. It allows adding SD card memory to its internal memory of 2 GB. It has online compatibilities and is also compatible with Bluetooth devices. Its lithium-polymer battery offers usability of 5 hours and the device comes with windshield mount, USB cable, charger, installation disk and documents.

Key Differences between TomTom 630 & TomTom 730:

The TomTom 630 is cheaper than the TomTom 730.
The TomTom 730 model does not feature map editing and map sharing, which is available in the 630 model.
The TomTom 630 model does not feature route optimization, which is available in the 730 model.
The TomTom 730 model does not allow document viewing like the 630 model.
The TomTom 730 model has favorites menu and allows playing MP3 player, which the 630 model does not.
The TomTom 630 model can be used as a photo viewer and is also waterproof, but the TomTom 730 model is not waterproof.

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