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Difference between TomTom 550 & TomTom 950

TomTom 550 vs TomTom 950

GPS navigation system is the single most important accessory that you should have in your vehicle, whether you are searching for a particular location, or need to know the exact distance and route from your current location to another destination. There are lots of different models and brands of GPS Navigation Systems available in the market among which the TomTom is a reliable brand in the world of GPS navigation. The TomTom 550 and the 950 models are two of their exclusive releases, each offering unique features and functions.

The TomTom XXL 550 GPS Navigation system covers the maps of USA, Mexico, Canada and Puerto Rico, with a price tag of $149, which is a very cheap price for any GPS Navigation System. It’s able to store up to a number of 7 million points of interest. The 550 model features lane guidance, live traffic information, map updates, voice activated navigation and spoken street names. Additional functionality includes emergency services shortcut. It features a touchscreen display with a resolution of 480×272 pixels in widescreen mode. The battery life is 3 hours roughly. The device has an internal memory of 1 GB and this is model is not compatible with external SD Card. It offers day and night mode and weighs only 9 oz. It comes with an adhesive disk, car charger, USB cable and EasyPort mount.

The GO 950 model is a real treat for the eyes. It’s a little bit more expensive than the 550 model. However, its superb features overlap the price factor. The GO 950 offers hands-free calling and this can be used as a car-kit for responding your phone calls. While driving, we can make and answer calls in a safe way and stay connected. The 950 model features voice command and control. Never take off your hands from the wheels or deviate your eyes from the road. The voice commands can operate on 150 different tasks ensuring better user experience. The enhanced positioning technology in this model is spectacular and enhances the navigation interface.

The device features a touchscreen display of 4.3 inches. It supports emergency shortcut menu. The installation is hassle-free and plug & play. Your drive will be guided by the latest updated maps which will be available for download as soon as it is released. You can edit and correct the maps as per your requirement free of cost. Although the 550 model has a larger screen and at a cheaper price tag, the 950 model is more updated and houses the latest technologies in the GPS navigation arena. Everyone wants to stay updated and keep pace with the latest technology and you should definitely be no different!

Key Differences between TomTom 550 & TomTom 950:

The TomTom 550 is a lot cheaper than the TomTom 950 model.
The TomTom 950 model supports Bluetooth hands-free calls, which is not supported by TomTom 550.
The TomTom 550 has a slightly bigger screen than the TomTom 950.
The TomTom 950 has higher internal storage than the TomTom 550.

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