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Difference Between Windows 7 Home Basic and Home Premium

windows 7_softwareWindows 7 Home Basic vs Home Premium

The most recent operating system from Microsoft, Windows 7, comes in a wide variety to suit the needs and budgets of the consumers. Even the Home edition of Windows 7 comes in basic and premium. Home Basic is understandably cheaper, and limited in capabilities when compared to Home Premium, but that is not the only difference. The Home Basic is not being sold worldwide like the Home Premium. It is only available in emerging markets, where budgets might be a little bit tight, and the lower price point could be the clincher. Home Basic is not available in most developed nations, like the US, UK, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Germany, and Italy, among some other countries. Restrictions have been put in place so that you cannot activate your copy of Windows 7 Home Basic if you are located in the countries where it is not being sold.

There are a number of limitations that apply to Home Basic. It’s support for Aero, the glasslike user interface that was introduced with Windows Vista, is only partial, while Home Premium users can take advantage of full Aero support. Limited Aero support is only a problem for computers lacking in hardware, as it is still possible to scale back with Windows 7 Home Premium, but with Windows 7 Home Basic, you are limited regardless of how capable your computer is.

Aside from visual limitations, there are also limitations in terms of it’s functionality. The Home Basic does not come pre-installed with the Windows Media Center. This software centralizes the media needs of the user, and adds TV functionalities. It lets you watch TV online, and even acts as your DVR by recording the TV shows that you like via a hardware TV tuner. You can also use the media center to watch movies or videos, and to browse through your photo albums. All of this is still possible with Home Basic, but you would need to access individual applications, like the media player and photo viewer.


1. Home Basic is cheaper than Home Premium.

2. Home Premium is being sold worldwide, while Home Basic is sold only in certain areas.

3. Home Premium has full Aero support, while Home basic only has partial support.

4. Home Premium is able to create and join a home network, while Home Basic is only capable of joining.

5. Home Premium is already equipped with the Windows Media Center, while the Home Basic is not.

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  1. I bought a Sony Vaio this week with pre installed Windows 7 Home, But i already have Media centre installed. can u please describe the difference no. 5 in more detail

  2. @Vikash

    I guess the Vaio you bought has Windows 7 Home Premium and not Home Basic.

  3. I am planning to buy a Sony Vaio but the model i am looking for is with WIN 7 Home basic. Can this be upgraded to Win 7 premium. If this is possible how can this be done. I tried to make the upgrade from Sony showroom whereas other shops , they told me that this upgrade is not possible.

    Please suggest me.

  4. hey! khushi this can be done with the sacrifice of original window you can also go for windows 7 ultimate & if you want the genuine window then it would cost you around 10000 bugs.

    • @Chirag

      10000 “BUGS”.. have we started off again with barter system, trading the natural way??

      10000 BUGS = 1 Genuine Window

      Maybe if I catch a few more bugs from the forest, I’ll get a laptop.. and with a few more BUGS who knows I might just get a Ferrari… 😀

  5. I bought a new laptop pre-installed with Windows7 Home Basic. I want to upgrade to Windows7 Professional. Can I upgrade to Pro straight from Home Basic or do I have to upgrade to Home Premium first before upgrading to Professional?

  6. iam planning to buy a new loptop of rang from 25000 to 30000 which laptop should i bought.

  7. This difference in ‘Aero’ makes men think before I buy a Sony Vaio VPCEB24EN which is only available with Home Basic. In my office I work on a Windows 7 Professional machine and now I can figure out the difference between the appearance of cheaper and premium editions. These billion dollar giants are really so mean! I don’t want to buy a cheaper Dell with Premium as I love Sony a lot. I guess I’ll have to be satisfied with poor ‘Aero’ stupid thing. Media center won’t be a problem as Sony Vaio is already comes with loads of bloatware, some of them are really good to use.

    • Vaio VPCEB24EN is a good choice very recently the model VPCEB14EN was renamed as 24EN and price was increased by 2K
      the other problem with this lappy besides being a HB model is that it provides a battery backup of 1hr 50 mins as mentioned on specs(look carefully) though with a multimedia usage it comes out around 1hr 30-30 mins
      Its a good buy for those who appreciate looks…the matte finish is the icing on the cake the comparable dell inspiron models do come with a H-Premium win 7 and a better graphic card with a lower price and a better guarantee but then if you can wait for a 2-3 weeks max then dell would be relaunching inspiron n4020 with a similar price range but CLASSIC BLACK matte finish.Its already out in US and indians have to wait a while

  8. i am already buy one laptop with win 7 home basic,,i need to upgrade to win 7 home premium…..how can i do ?? please help…………..Can this be upgraded to Win 7 premium.

  9. it is possibal to upgrade as windows 7 home basic comes with a upgrade feature go to start , in search dialog box type upgrade u”ll get windows anytime updrade click there however ull require a product key , buy a product key online only if ur willing to pay for it

  10. i want 2 buy a laptop del inspiron 15r but problum is that shopkeeper window7 basic and y online window 7 primium
    cost r also low y online but they require 20 day

  11. Most interesting.

    I didn’t know that Windows 7 Home Basic was a “restricted market” version until I read this post. In Malaysia where I’m from, we have the OEM variant of Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate. They are sold in very simple sealed cardboard and plastic DVD packaging (compared to the green boxed retail version) and are priced cheaper compared to developed nations, after taking into account currency conversions.

    Microsoft labeled these versions “SE Asian market only” and they cannot be activated outside the region. This prevents the selling of these cheaper Windows versions to users living in developed nations, or tourists buying them and installing them back home in their respective countries.

    The OEM versions are also priced competitively in order to entice users to buy genuine Windows 7 OSes than resorting to pirated copies. In addition, many people prefer to buy barebones PC systems therefore they’ll need to buy Windows separately. Some laptop models from Asus for example, are priced cheaply as they don’t come with pre-installed Windows. The customer can then choose to install Windows himself (whether genuine or not) or opt for other free operating systems like Linux.

    There’s a catch though with the Win 7 OEM Home Premium as you have to choose either the 32-bit or 64-bit version, unlike the retail variant which contains two DVDs, one for 32-bit and the other for 64-bit systems.

    The bad news is that if you have a processor lacking in 64-bit capability (e.g. some Intel Core Duo processors like the T2130) you’re stuck with the 32-bit version of Home Premium. You’ll have to buy a completely new license (and DVD package) for the 64-bit version if you upgrade your CPU to a 64-bit model and want 64-bit Home Premium.

    Windows Anytime Upgrade is sadly not made available to SE Asia at this time of writing.

  12. Hi
    I recently bought a sony vaio E series with pre-instakked windows 7 Home Premium (Deutsch version only ) from Media Markt in Germany before returing back to my Country-Egypt. When I bought it the seller advised me tp buy the upgrading version to be able to use the English & Arabic languages in my PC. Do you have any further details or advice regarding this issue. Moreover, soon i’ll need to buy Office 2010 as my pre-installed trial version will expire, then in such a case do I have to buy both or buying the office only will enable me to read & write in english & arabic, while still having my windows version in german language. Sorry to bother but actually I”m not so much experienced in computer technical details. thx

  13. sir,could we use win media center s\w in win home basic &how?

  14. I recently brought a 15R Dell Laptop with Windows 7 basic. However, I cannot access any of the Microsoft office products like word, excel, ppt, etc….do i need to separately purchase these

  15. @ Sujith

    I’m not sure what you meant when you said you can’t run any of the MS Office software on your DELL 15R. New laptops come with a 60-day trial version of MS Office and you need to activate the trial license key.

    Once the product has been activated and the 60-day trial period has expired, you’ll need to purchase a license to continue using MS Office or uninstall it from your laptop if you don’t want to use it.

    This assumes that your pre-installed MS Office is not corrupted for some reason. If it is, you might have to do a total system restore from the Dell system DVD that comes with your laptop (if it does).

  16. I have brought a sony vaio VPCEB24EN last week with WIN 7 HOME BASIC 64 bit. It has a i3 processor. Can I also install win XP sp 2 in it and use multi OS in my laptop. If yes, then please let me know the procedure to do it.

    Do reply as i need to run some SW as a part of my tutorials. And these SW are compatible with win XP SP 2 only.

    Waiting for your quick response.

  17. @ Chandu,

    Here’s a tutorial on how to setup your laptop for dual booting Win 7 and XP.

    Be sure to scroll down until you see the section that says “Method 2” as your notebook is already pre-configured with Windows 7.

    Have you tried right clicking on the XP application’s shortcut and selecting the compatibility mode? To do this, right click on the app’s icon and select Properties and and the Compatibility tab. Next, tick the Compatibility check box and then at the drop-down bar, scroll to “Win XP Service Pack 2”.

    Note that this may not work on your Win XP specific software, but you may want to give it a go before partitioning your hard drive for dual boot.

  18. i installed windowss7 home basic,, this is have not themess i need themes for windows7 home basic, any possible?

    • ya you can download an application called personalization panel from net…just install………and have all the AERO funs……

  19. i wana buy a vaio laptop
    please tell me if it will be cheaper in pakistan or in italy ?????????????????

  20. sir, ibought a laptop but after one week use its window become currupt so i demanded for new operating system c.d. and i recieved home basic c.d. and unknowingly i reinstalled that now can i change my window system with home premium.

  21. Oh god..I really dont know the difference between home basic and home premium till i read this post
    Nice info..

  22. Dear Sir,

    I have purchased a laptop — 4gb ram, 500 hdd with home premium but somebody told that pemium wont support SAP (ECC6) version … Can I upgrade to Proffessional or Ultimate then how can i proceed please suggest me.



  23. i want to purchase a Laptop……Please tell me Which one is better…………dell or Sony?
    and suggest me a relevent & cheap configuration for present time.

  24. **to answer your questions**

    Dear readers,

    I am an owner of a Sony Vaio owner, model AR61ZU the most advanced Vaio “desktop replacement” when it came out.

    It is equipped with a Blu Ray re-writer, a powerful Nvidia 8600M GT, 4BG/Go DDR2 SDRAM a great Intel Core duo processor at 2.4GHz, a stunning 17′ (1920×1200) X black LCD screen and the crown jewel, Vista Ultimate.

    When Win 7 came out I contacted Sony to know if and how could I upgrade my Vista Ultimate to Win 7.

    Sony’s official response was that any Vaio user can upgrade to Windows 7 if the hardware of the machine allows it. In my case, I had to upgrade to Win 7 Ultimate since I have Vista Ultimate.

    What’s the catch?!? That Sony cannot give me or anyone else a 100% guarantee that when upgrading to Win 7 from XP (SP2) or Vista (any version) that all the little notebook gizmo’s and buttons will be functional.

    See, my notebook has buttons to control the playback, the volume, to eject the dvd, to change the screen mode and to switch on/off (sleep) the computer.
    Also there are switches to turn on/off the bluetooth, theWiFi and there is of course the Memory Stick/card reader
    All these buttons are “perks” and to be able ot function, Sony has customized my Vista Ultimate to be able to recognize these buttons. SO if I go out and buy a retail version of the Win7 Ultimate there is no guarantee that all these handy buttons and switches will work with 100% efficiency.

    Sony does not offer upgrades on all models of Vaios so it’s up to me to decide whether to upgrade to a retail version or keep it as it is now.

    I hope I cleared some things up.

    • HEY DUDE…




      One bad news also that if you upgrade your operating system and then any hardware will goes wrong then sony will say that because of your upgradation………

      but its not so true……..

      i recommend you to check out ur warranty period and if any problem occurs then go for a service center and re-intall previous one……..

      i strongly recommend you not to buy a licence verion…. first try to get a trial version from internet or else that will work for you 30 days……

      than you can buy or check for a crack…..
      i recommend you not to use RemoveWAT crack…… that is full of viruses…….

  25. I thought of buying a laptop the price ‘ll be around Rs 400000 which one ‘ll be better? can u suggest some good product? whether i3 or core 2 duo ‘ll be better?

  26. windows home basic does not support gadgets. windows home premium does. just another little fact.

  27. hey i’ve windows 7 home basic if i do the partition will i be able to do the recovery…???
    and if i install windows which is not genuine can i make it genuine by using the key available at the back of my laptop????

  28. i want to change windows7 home basic to premium can you help me how this is done.

  29. Hi All,

    I have recently bought LENOVO Z560 with pre-installed 32-bit Windows 7 Home Basic.

    I want to know:

    1) How can I upgrade to 64 bit Home Basic

    2) How can I know/ get the PRODUCT KEY of my pre-installed 32 bit Home Basic

    3) Do I need to pay extra amount if I upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit (as, I have heard that if I purchase, I will get 32 and 64 bit OS in a single pack only)

    4) Will my existing set of drivers work fine with 64 bit Home Basic. If not, from where can I get the drivers

    Thanks In Advance.


    • @ Ajoy…. first of all Windows 7 Home basic is available only in 32 Bit so you cannot upgrade a 32 bit system to a 64-bit .. you must get a 64-bit Windows Home Premium or later version which came in both 32-bit and 64-Bit and make a new Installation. As far as your drivers are concerned i would like to tell you that if you have internet connection available then windows 7 would automatically detect and install required drivers for your laptop through windows update.

      your 2nd question regarding windows key.. You can look ur laptop back for the key.. or google win7keyfinder to get your key which is pre-installed.

      for genuine product license contact me on itzme_khurram@hotmail.com

    • Dude, i dont know u, but i believe u liv in kolkata, nd gess wat, so do i. But most importantly, even i bought the lenovo z560 in this month… Congo n same pinch!!! my only problem rite now is the gadgets options…. earlier it did, but now it aint….. ny solutions??

    • Yup, that’ll do it. You have my aprpeictiaon.

  30. sir i recently bought a hp g62 laptop and the window7 home basic is preinstalled on them,
    if my window is get corrupted than how i installed my window

    • Simply Press F11 Button when Booting up i.e Your POST screen..
      Hit F11 key and Restore Your System …



  31. sir what will happen after 30 days if i dont activate windows 7 home basic with a product key.

  32. sir what will happen after 30 days if i dont activate windows 7 home basic with a product key. will it work after 30 days of the activation time.

  33. If you want to upgrade your windows 7 to any edition, just contact me via e-mail. @ choinic_02@yahoo.com
    or via facebook @ choinic_02@yahoo.com……

  34. i have compaq laptop in built window vista basic operating system.can i change to window 7 premium operating system

  35. sir i recently bought hp g6 1000 which is intalled with windows7 home basic… could i upgrade it to home premium…..

  36. i have a sony vaio e series with windows 7 basic os installed. i wish to go for a clean installation of windows 7 ultimate version. Can anyone tell me the steps to do so?

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  38. Hiiiiiiii,

    I am Honey, I have done networking in one college with d-link 8 port switch.i have done three computer connected with internet successful. all computer made by HP company with windows7 professional. When i try to connect the fourth pc with internet, but it is giving to me one message, network is identify and unidentifing. so i am confuse why win7 pro. give this message.
    If you have solution regarding this probelm please send me note on my email id- harjeet_sohi@ymail.com
    Thank you

  39. Is themes installed for harmfull in my laptop?

  40. i want to install win 7 ultimate on my vaio laptop it has win 7 home basic how can i do it . my machine is 64 bits plz help

  41. m not able to decide the best,e.g. if any pro comes in future no more cost should be taken as m student ,for using games,study many more

  42. e.g i want to buy a sony vaio e series with windows 7 basic os installed. i wish to go for a clean installation of windows 7 ultimate version. Can anyone tell me the steps to do so?

    Read more: Difference Between Windows 7 Home Basic and Home Premium | Difference Between | Windows 7 Home Basic vs Home Premium http://www.differencebetween.net/technology/difference-between-windows-7-home-basic-and-home-premium/#ixzz1ZeBKgLTW

  43. i m planning to buy a new laptop but little bit confuse in between dell and sony vaio,so please suggesst me which one to buy?

  44. dont upgrade to another windows i will create problem while handling

  45. i have purchased a laptop with configration dell 14r inspiron 2nd gen from dell company.they have installed windows 7 home basic software in my laptop and send it to me.but when i tried for cd drive by putting a dvd in the drive it is showing as acces not denied.i want to know weather cd drive will work in windows 7 home basic or not.or else i have to install any other software to support cd drive.

  46. My licence WindowXp Proffessional 2002 CD become corrupt in may 2011 after formating I can not use it.Time and again mail send to supportmicrosoft@india but no reply.What can I do for this.Please inform me

  47. i have dell inspiron 15r with genuine window but it have some problem
    i have not recover my window
    so what can i do?

  48. i have to window7 home basic which created problem download some 32 bit programmed.
    i can works window XP with window7 home besic.
    plz tell me.

  49. I got a HP HDX 16 LAPTOP installed vista premium which was later free upgraded to win 7 premium. if i run the recover what will installed vista . or win 7

  50. I hav 2 questions.
    1) Will All software work on win7basic properly?

    2)win7basic is better than win7ultimate.

  51. I hav 2 questions.
    1) Will All software work on win7basic properly? Software like c,c++ at full screen,autocad, multisim,matlab

    2)win7basic is better than win7ultimate.

    • i would like to buy windows 7 basic ,please suggest the opinion that all the softwares will support in windows 7 basic

      • no all software will be not supported in window 7 home basic and i suggest you that you should buy home premium. thank you……..

        • > …and i suggest you that you should buy home premium. thank you……..

          And I suggest you either answer the question or shut up. The question was where to get Win7 Home Basic, and your unsolicited opinion that someone should cough up extra cash for a version that they **DON’T** want is unwanted. Heck, I could probably rin Win7 Starter in a VM for all that I would need it for.

  52. Thanks in advance
    i will buy my laptop after two days. Configuration 2GB RAM DDR3, 500GB HDD,core i3 window7home basic, liftime antivirus,
    my question
    can original pre-installed window7 home basic be currupted.

  53. does windows 7 work same as windows 7 home bais wifi and other software

  54. thanks for your post! very useful!

  55. You can buy cheap and genuine Windows 7 Home Basic and Home Premium product key at licensekeyshop.com

    • > You can buy cheap and genuine Windows 7 Home
      > Basic and Home Premium product key at licensekeyshop . com

      That site is one listed on
      http://www.technonsense.com/2011/02/cheap-windows-7-winkey-sale-scam/ as a scam site. By your user name I can only presume you are a participant in the scam. Again, it comes down to the lack of *legitimate* sources for Win7 at a reasonable price. I certainly wouldn’t trust any “licence” sales on eBay either. And, as most of the machines various family members have are incapable of running Win8, Win7 is the last version we would be able to run. I’d rather hand that licence money over to Codeweavers so they could get USB support, etc working in Wine (and fixing TaxAct so that it works again as well).

  56. Please i need help,my windows7 Home basic does not support themes. What should i do?

  57. win7 home basic its much better than others,more easily than others cos dont have services to start working in the background without you to know and no have much services what maybe you dont need them,its really “light”…i have win7 home basic and im veeery happy for and i love it …. 🙂

  58. windows 7 home basic in theme supported.

  59. Plese download (personalism pannel) download compleat then installed and after enjoy theme.

  60. lollll, i have windows 7 home basic and was bought at best buy, in america, loooolllll, it was sold there and i bought it. did not go to emerging market. dont listen to troll on differentbetween dot net

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