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Difference Between Windows 7 and Windows Vista

windows-7Windows 7 vs Windows Vista
Windows 7 is the latest operating system that has come from Microsoft. It has garnered some rave reviews from most users due in part to how much the previous operating system, Windows Vista, was shunned. Though, performance wise, Windows 7 is still a little bit behind compared to Windows XP, it can now compete at some level while still maintaining the look and feel of Windows Vista.

Windows Vista was supposed to be the ground breaking operating system from Microsoft. It offered a lot of new features including the very beautiful Aero interface and the User Access Control or UAC that was supposed to lessen the possibility of intrusion from malicious programs. Though this features were meant to improve the overall performance, most people had a lot of problems with it, turning it into an annoyance. Windows 7 focused on a lot of changes that were meant to improve the user experience compared to Vista. For this reason, we can think of Windows 7 as an overhaul of Vista with a few more features.

Windows 7 also aims to fix the inefficiency of Windows Vista when it comes to hardware utilization. Most of the people who migrated from XP to Vista experienced massive slowdowns in their systems and were forced to disable some of the features in Vista, like Aero, to make it usable. Windows 7 has also addressed this issues and users would not be in for such a shock even if they are coming from Windows XP.

The general problem for both these operating systems is in its inability to run a lot of applications that are running in Windows XP. This made a lot of people who are dependent on their software unable to upgrade. Though it is expected that Windows 7 would suffer from the same problems, it is likely to be much less more programs have been written for Vista which are also compatible for 7.

To sum it up, Windows 7 is simply superior to Vista in almost all aspects. Even benchmarks done on the beta version of Windows 7 showed a substantial improvement over Vista. For these reasons, some people are skipping Vista altogether and upgrading directly to Windows 7 from XP.

1.Windows 7 is the later release compared to Vista
2.Where Vista focuses on new features, Windows 7 focuses on stability
3.Vista has higher requirements than Windows 7
4.Windows 7 has more compatible programs during its release compared to Windows Vista
5.Windows 7 performs better than Vista in almost all aspects

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