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Difference Between Ancestry.com and Genealogy.com

Ancestry.com vs Genealogy.com

Tracing our ancestors has become easier with the help of the internet. Two sites that deal directly with this task are Ancestry.com and Genealogy.com. The main difference between the two is the amount of cash that you need to pay. Ancestry.com is the pricier of the two with subscription rates of $155 to $300 annually. Genealogy.com costs considerably less at $70 to $200 annually.

The price you pay with both sites is to gain access to their extensive database of records that date way back to the 1790s. Ancestry.com has a lot of records that spans the entire globe. You can get record from the US, Europe, Canada, and even from parts of Asia. In comparison, Genealogy.com has a rather limited scope. Its database extends only to the US. So if your family has been immigrated or you know that your ancestors are of certain descent, then Ancestry.com is the safer bet in getting the most information possible.

Even within the United States, Ancestry.com still has a more comprehensive database. This based on feedback from users who have tried both services. Using the same names on both services, most users are able to get more results from Ancestry.com while Genealogy.com produces little or no results at all.

Ancestry.com and Genealogy.com were supposed to be competitors in the same area. But Genealogy.com was bought by the owners of Ancestry.com way back in 2003. So both companies are now simply different offerings from the same company; along with MyFamily.com, RootsWeb.com, and FamilyTreeMaker.com.

All in all, Ancestry.com and Genealogy.com offer the same thing but at different depths. Genealogy.com provides a cheaper option but with a limited database for those who simply want to get started. For those who are serious about researching his roots, Ancestry.com is the better choice but at an equally higher price.


1. Ancestry.com is pricier than Genealogy.com
2. Ancestry.com has a broader data coverage than Genealogy.com
3. Ancestry.com includes Europe while Genealogy.com is mainly American
4. Ancestry.com and Genealogy.com are under the same company

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