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Difference Between eHarmony.com and Match.com

datingeHarmony.com vs Match.com

eHarmony and Match.com offer the same services to people who are looking for the love of their life online. They both operate on the same principle of identifying personal traits and characteristics and finding a compatible person from the data. The most significant difference about the two is how much they charge for their service. Although they both offer free sign-ups and match searching, you cannot contact the listed matches unless you pay their fees. eHarmony charges a lot higher at $59.95 compared to Match.com’s $34.95. These numbers are not displayed upfront on each site’s front page as to not discourage potential subscribers.

Match.com is also more lenient when it comes to their sexual preference. When signing up for a membership, you can specify that you are looking for the same sex. With eHarmony, you can either be a man looking for a woman or the other way around. With Match.com, you need only spend a few minutes and you are already up and running. You would need to spend roughly an hour to properly create your account in eHarmony then you would need to wait for them to email you the list of matches that they found.

You would also find another fundamental difference on the two on how they manage the profiles. With Match.com, you can browse other people’s profile even if you are not a registered member of the site yet. eHarmony does not allow even registered members to browse everybody else’s profile unless they have been emailed to you as a match. This maximizes privacy for those who value it or are not keen on displaying themselves online.

Although both sites provide the same service, the minor nuances can sway a prospective member to one site or the other. People who want to stay anonymous to other people might consider the extra fee to be worth it. Homosexual people might be drawn more to Match.com as eHarmony is quite restrictive.

1. Both sites allow you to sign-up for free
2. eHarmony charges a lot more to contact your matches compared to Match.com
3. Match.com allows any sexual preference while eHarmony only allows heterosexual matching
4. eHarmony requires you to undergo a more comprehensive profiling before searching for matches while Match.com requires very minimal effort
5. eHarmony keeps profiles private except to the matches sent to you while anybody can browse through Match.com subscribers even without signing up

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  1. That is actually false, when you sign up for eHarmony it automatically defaults you to the opposite sex but all you have to do is change it.

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