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Difference Between Pinterest and Flickr

Pinterest vs Flickr

If you are looking for ways to share your photos online, Flickr and Pinterest are two sites that lets you do just that. The main difference between Pinterest and Flickr is what you can do with them. Flickr is strictly a photo sharing site where you can upload your photos, create albums, and share them to the world via links and the like. On the other hand, Pinterest is a combination of a photo sharing site and a social network because it has features because it allows you to follow and browse the pins of other people as well as repin their images to your own.

Another major difference between Pinterest and Flickr is the source of the actual image. Flickr has a more conventional method of sharing photos, which is by uploading direct from the user’s hard drive and into Flickr’s storage. Although Pinterest also lets you do this, you can also “pin” photos that you find from other sites. You can do this by simply entering the link of the image you found interesting on the net. Pinterest would then extract the image for you and post it on your profile.

Because Flickr relies mostly on uploaded photos, they impose a strict policy on the size and the number of photos that you can upload. There is a maximum number and size of photos that you can upload as well as a limit of how much you can upload at any given time. This is imposed so that the service cannot be abused by a few and slowing down the service for others. Pinterest doesn’t have to implement such rules yet because most of the photos that are being pinned are from online sources and don’t need to be uploaded by the user.

Choosing between Pinterest and Flickr is mostly based on what you like doing. Pinterest is best for those who find interesting things on the internet and want to share it with other people. On the other hand, Flickr is best for those who take their own personal photos and would just like to share them to family and friends.


  1. Flickr is a photo sharing site while Pinterest is a mixture of a photo sharing site and a social network
  2. Flickr has strict limits on photos that you can upload while Pinterest does not
  3. Pinterest allows you to link to photos on other sites while Flickr does not

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