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The Internet has become more social than ever. With the emergence of social networking, more and more people are going online to post, and keep posted, with new social events ‘“ either with family, friends, and/or community groups.

Numerous kinds of social networking sites have come and gone. Many of them became successful ‘“ with a few barely making it. Notably, one of the most successful social networking sites that ever hit the web is MySpace.

MySpace, which was launched on August 2003, has become the benchmark in the social networking industry. At the time of its peak, it had set the standards that many social networking website wannabes were trying to match, or emulate. In June 2006, MySpace reached the pinnacle of success, being named as the most successful and popular social networking website in the United States. MySpace is also available in 15 languages.

Amazingly, the origin of MySpace was not really intended to become a social networking website. At first, it was actually meant to become an online data storage and sharing website. Eventually, it made the transition from being an online storage site, to a social networking web entity.

Sadly, MySpace has now been declining steadily. Aside from the monster called Facebook, it has very formidable competition from Bebo. Sometime in 2006, Bebo had overtaken MySpace, albeit for awhile, due to users jumping ship. At that time, MySpace suffered from sluggish loading of pages and media, which really turned many people off.

‘Blog Early, Blog Often’ is the full meaning of the acronym Bebo. It was founded two years after the launching of MySpace (January 2005) by the couple, Michael and Xochi Birch. In March 2008, it was bought by AOL, for 850 million dollars.

Bebo is fairly similar to MySpace, and other social networking sites for that matter. However, many would say that Bebo is more straightforward than MySpace. With Bebo, a huge ‘Skins’ database is offered. Therefore, users can effectively change the look of their personal pages – this in contrast to the MySpace method of layout and color customization, which was mainly based on coding. Bebo also allows you to have the option to design your own page.

Although still behind MySpace in the US, it is very popular in many European regions, particularly in the United Kingdom.


1. MySpace was launched earlier than Bebo. It was ahead for nearly two years.

2. MySpace was not initially intended to become a social networking site, while Bebo was intentionally created to become a social networking site.

3. MySpace is more popular in the USA, while Bebo does better in European territories, such as the UK.

4. Customization of personal pages is more straightforward for Bebo users.

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