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‘Different strokes for different folks’ is probably the best way to describe how people choose which social networking site or blog platform to use. If you don’t already have an account with any social networking site, would you rather choose the most popular one, or something different that still allows you to connect with your friends?

Since its inception in February of 2004, Facebook has grown to become one of the most popular social networking sites around the world. The platform is available in several languages, and it’s basically a venue for online users to connect with their friends. As is typical with social networking sites, Facebook allows you to post status updates for everyone, or only your group of friends, to view; you can post photos, join networks and use a multitude of applications.

Netlog, on the other hand, is also a social networking service owned by Netlog NV/SA. Formerly known as Facebox and Bingbox, this Belgian site has a specific target: The young people from the European region. This is precisely the reason why, besides English, Netlog is also available in Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish and a few other European languages.

Just like Facebook, Netlog can be used for free, but users need to register with the site. The one concern that parents of Facebook and even MySpace users have, is the security of the information that their kids are publishing on the web. Is this an issue with Netlog, too? Not necessarily, because from an overall perspective, Netlog seems to offer a more secure environment for online users. Netlog allows you to completely block users who are not on your friends’ list. When your name is searched, only a pre-approved version of your display picture will be shown.

As far as the shoutouts go in Netlog, it is the equivalent of status updates in Facebook. Netlog allows you to post shoutouts accessible by everyone within your age spectrum, and it allows you to send e-mail messages directly to another person ‘“ which is a feature also present in Facebook.


1. Facebook is a more global audience, while Netlog is specifically targeting the European youth audience.

2. Facebook has good security features, while Netlog has even better, stricter and more easy-to-use privacy features.

3. Facebook ranks high among the top social networking sites from around the world, while Netlog is only popular with the specific region that it targets, which is in Europe.

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