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Wikileaks vs Openleaks

Leaks have always brought issues to the forefront with documents that are supposed to be hidden from the public’s eyes. Wikileaks is the site that brought leaks and exposes to the online world. While Wikileaks is still hot with intrigue over the release of confidential US documents, a new site that is to deal with the same material was announced; it is named Openleaks. The biggest difference between the two as of now is functionality as plans for Openleaks have just been announced at the end of 2010. There is no functional site yet and it would take at least a few months more before it is up. Although Wikileaks has faced multiple operational difficulties due to some companies withdrawing support to the site, it is still operational and the leaked confidential documents are still online.

There would also be operational differences between how Wikileaks operates and how Openleaks would operate. Wikileaks receives leaked documents and they inspect it for posting on their site. People can then visit their site and read all the contents. On the other hand, Openleaks does not intend to host the files that are sent to them. Rather, they would simply scan all submissions if they are legitimate and would pass the information on news outlets who can reach the public. By acting as a gateway for the leaked documents, rather than as a host, Openleaks hopes to avoid the intense scrutiny that Wikileaks got from the governments that it affected.

Also worth noting is the fact that Openleaks is the brainchild of Daniel Domscheit-Berg, also known as Daniel Schmitt. Daniel was once the second in command inside Wikileaks, next to Julian Assange, but left the site due to differences in opinion with how the site is supposed to operate.

Regardless of issues with Wikileaks, the appearance of Openleaks would surely make it easier to release confidential documents. These sites would keep governments, companies, and other organizations on their toes regarding their shady operations. Because, as Wikileaks has already shown, exposed documents can create a huge backlash in public opinion.


1. Wikileaks is active while Openleaks is still in the planning process
2. Wikileaks inspects and hosts the files while Openleaks will only relay the information to news outlets
3. The initiator of Openleaks is an ex-officer of Wikileaks

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