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Difference between Excel vs. Lotus 123

Excel vs. Lotus 123

Lotus 123 and Microsoft Excel are both spreadsheet software programs that have been developed for use in computers. Inasmuch as the basic programs are developed to function on spreadsheets, their design and development have come from different companies and, as would be expected, their functionality is somewhat different. The spreadsheet is software that is designed to allow for improved organization of data in columns and rows. Inasmuch as there is a lot of similarity in how these two programs work, it is also good to know the differences of the programs too. Below is an outline of the differences that the two programs have.

Cell selection in both Excel and Lotus 123 allows the cell to be selected, sorted and various operations to be handled by different cells. Manipulation of cells in Excel needs one to drag over them so that the range of choice can be selected. Lotus 123 has a reversed order that needs the command to be selected and then the selection of cells.

When it comes to formulas, both programs are designed to be in a cell as opposed to typing in raw data. Excel needs the definition of the formula to start with the ‘=’ sign. It is, however, strange that Lotus 123 does not require the equal sign when entering a formula. The cell ranges are also an item that needs to be mentioned. The definition of range in both programs comes from the definition of the first and last cells. In excel, the different cells are separated using a colon, while in Lotus 123 use of two periods in a row is used to differentiate values.

When it comes to functions, it is important to note that the programs use these in spreadsheets to allow for a routine calculation to be performed. In Excel, the function is inserted into the cells of the spreadsheet by typing in the specific function name. Insertion of the function name in Lotus 123 is however different in that it specifically requires the function name to be inserted preceded by the ‘at’ (@) symbol.
As data sets grow, it can increasingly become challenging to navigate through data, and the use of keyboard shortcuts is preferred in helping fast navigation. Both programs have therefore included a home key that can be used if there is need for fast navigation using a keyboard. Pressing the home key in Excel takes you back to the first cell of the row that you will be navigating on. In Lotus 123, pressing the home key takes you back to the first cell and first row of the spreadsheet.

Inasmuch as there are differences between how the two spread sheet software works, there is no doubt that the basic functionality of the two programs is the same, and thus it just but boils down to preference. Lotus 123 has, however, been shown to be a software of choice when compared to Excel, with many users preferring Lotus. It, however, seems to all boil down to what seems as the right fit for you rather than one spreadsheet software.


Microsoft Excel and Lotus 123 are both spreadsheet software that deal with data.
Both software programs seem to perform data manipulation with generally the same functions.
Formula entering in Excel needs to have the equals sign (=) first before the formula.
Lotus 123 does not need the equals sign before the formula.
Cell ranges in Excel separated using a colon.
Cell ranges in Lotus 123 needs two periods.
Functions in Lotus 123 must begin with the ‘at’ (@) sign, which is not a requirement in Excel.

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  1. Lotus 1-2-3 spread sheet is the pioneer of Spread sheets. We the second generation learnt computer operations and Lotus 1-2-3. It was very easy to operate even in then DOS operating system.

    However, when Windows boom started, Microsoft took advantage and introduced Microsoft Excel. First, it was bundled free with Windows in those days and when people become addicted to it, as practice, Microsoft started charging people introducing new colorful versions / upgrades.

    In other words, Microsoft Excel is new wine in old bottle [Lotus 1-2-3].

    We miss you Lotus 1-2-3 – RIP


  2. Is there an equivalent in Excel to the “/” in Lotus 123

  3. I love Lotus. With the DOS commands, which are still usable in Lotus, I can work at least 4 times as fast in Lotus. Lotus makers were also more benevolent (as were ]wordperfect makets). You can save Lotus as an Excel file. You can ave WP as an MS file. Movrosoft, being the monopolizers that they are wont do that. In fact the MS proframs wont even allow the copying of data from Lotus or WP into Excel and Word. Bill Gates wanted to annihilate any competition and have no competitors. Only Apple survived

  4. The biggest difference between the two is the way macros work and are programmed. To create usable Excel macros, you have to know a lot about Visual Basic. On the other hand, Lotus 123 uses a very easy system which automates the keystrokes. It is very powerful and it is 100 times more usable than Excel when it comes to automating your spreadsheet.

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